Ready For Spring? '56 Chevy For Sale, Garage Floor Makeovers
April 2014 - Volume 3 Issue 1

Spring's here, is your ride ready?

The winter has been long but sunshine and engine revving is in your near future! Before starting those engines however, it is important to properly prepare your car for the road this spring. Before hitting the streets, here are some things to consider:
  • Tires: Check the air pressure since some tires were over inflated for storage. Inspect each tire for dry rotting, cracking and flat spots.
  • Fluids: Oil, transmission, radiator, washer, and brake fluids need to be checked. There could have been a slow leak or a gasket issue over the winter that you want to catch in advance.
  • Run the engine for 10-15 minutes before driving it on the street. Keep an eye on your gauges, especially the temperature gauge.
  • Fill your tank with fresh gas and be aware of any gas additives or stabilizers you may have used over the winter. Some additives or stabilizers in gas may break down gaskets and seals; so be sure to check closely.
  • Wash & wax your car to protect your paint: With the hot sun beating on your car, it is important to minimize contaminants in your paint by clay baring in addition to waxing. This will protect and preserve your clear coat and your car's paint job.
  • No time to clean? Call the Team at TJ's to talk to our experts and schedule an appointment! Mention this newsletter & receive $20 off your next detail!

For Sale- '56 Chevy Custom Truck

Hear the engine or check out the specs of this 1956 Chevrolet Custom Pick-Up which is now for sale! This awesome ride features a complete frame-off restoration, Brazen orange matte finish paint, custom stainless steel exhaust, beautiful chrome trim, modern suspension and more! Call us today to schedule your test drive!

Did you know?

We can make your garage floor look brand new!

Has winter taken its toll on your concrete floor? Are there salt stains, cracking, pitting, or are you just plain unhappy with the sight of your old concrete? Well, we can help! The team at TJ's has been helping homeowners go from mad to glad when it comes to their garages.  Working with our team of concrete experts, we can help devise a plan to not only bring your floor back to life but to help protect it for years to come!  For more information on garage floor coatings click here or give us a call at 716-810-9219 !

Take a Hot Lap in this McLaren P1

Have you ever been behind the wheel of a McLaren P1?  If not, then here is your chance! Click the photo above to take a spin in one of the most exciting super cars available today!


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