how to rid failure from your life
Diana Antholis
Failure doesn't exist. You have the power to turn anything into success.
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I was just on Skype with a beautiful soul. A woman who wants to change people's lives. A woman who wants to help. A woman who has been through some unfortunate situations in her lifetime. A woman who grew from all of it. 

But she's scared. Scared her new program won't be successful. Scared she won't be able to show her kids the world. Scared that she'll be judged and ignored in her own town because of her past. 

I told her that only she has the power to fail. That failure doesn't exist…as long as she makes shifts and changes when her life isn't going the way she wants it in order to put it back on the right path.

If no one signs up for her program, she can make a small change to make it more appealing. She can ask feedback and find out what will make people sign up. She can shift it ever so slightly to turn it into something that works. 

You won't fail. You learn. You shift. You pivot. You change the course. You keep moving. You try again.

If you don't. If you give up. Then success was never yours to begin with. 

This week, where can you make a shift to create a better life, a better business, a better relationship? 

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