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Week Ending 11 January 2013

Hello folks and a Happy and Sustainable New Year to all of us
The decorations are packed away for another year, the Christmas tree is being recycled as we speak and Eileen is collecting the now redundant Christmas cards for a local charity and so we are in 2013. We hope for a year where our customers are offered an even greater opportunity to become independent of our services. We hope for your continuing support. We can do the work as long as you support us.
The London Mobile Christmas Service volunteers kept CHC open for six days over the Christmas period. Hot lunches were served each day and in total 300 meals were provided. The doors opened around 10 am and closed at 3 pm. As well as lunch hot drinks and snacks were available all day. Clothing was provided for those in urgent need. Thanks Michael and Cathy
What’s in a name? This month we will working on a list of possible names for CHC. It is an exciting time but important that we get it right. In some ways the name is the easiest part of rebranding. The challenge is to ensure  that we create a coherent credible and charismatic message (note the alliteration!) regarding what the new names means and what it offers
‘Customer Pathway’ is coming your way! And something we hope to launch soon. You will all recognise that many of our customers have multiple problems and that in many cases there are multiple agencies often involved with the one person which unfortunately doesn’t always mean an effective service.  We want to ensure that the customer with complex needs has one lead person involved in their case and that services they receive are integrated and combined to ensure a rapid positive outcome. 
We had our second CAG – Customer Advisory Group - meeting this week.  CAG is the mechanism we use to glean the views and recommendations of our customers simply because we need to them to ensure a quality and effective response. We started the group in December 12.
Our Board are keen to ensure they are fully qualified and experienced to take CHC forward in a sustainable and effective way.  We are conducting a survey at the moment asking trustees their views on our current governance and make-up of the Board. We will use this information to ensure we have the full range of trustees required to keep CHC in the forefront as a blue chip organisation.
Best wishes
Danny Maher
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