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July 2020

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here's your latest update on the legostudies and the world of #legohistory brought to you by Benjamin from History's Bricks & Kevin from Public BRICKstory.
From the incredible Summer Joust collab "The Polymath: Fresco"
Historical Builds

1. 28/07/2020: JS_Ninjnerd / Kev.the.Builder / Joe (jnj_bricks) / Jonah Schultz
- The Polymath.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) is for sure and by far one of the greatest universal geniuses of all time. His colorful palette of works includes the most famous Mona Lisa, but also other paintings, sculptures, architecture, war mashines etc. etc. The list of wonderful works of da Vinci is endless, I can just recommend to take a closer look on it.

Our featured builders collaborated for this years Summer Joust (an annual Lego community contest) and chose to highlight da Vinci as the polymath he was. Each entry uses various artitistic and/or building techniques for its presentation. 
Jon makes the start with the scene called "Invention" which prominently featured the well known flying mashine. Next in line is Kevin with his scene "Sculpture", with so many interesting details and techniques around the central sculpture, the latter one figuratively looks pale.
Joe depicts in "Fresco" the creation of the world famous Last Supper, commissioned by Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan and painted in the years 1494-1498. My personal favourite of this collab and well deserved highlight of this issue. In conclusion, Jonah shows us in "Relaxation" how Leonardo find some rest after a long and exhausting day.

To put that collab in one word and probably one Leonardo used himself often:


2. 07/01/2020: Simon Pickard - Castles.
Simon has built two wonderful British medieval castles. He tried to reconstruct the Corfe and the Kenilworth Castle. He made a great job with his mini-mini Format. The landscapes are astonishing and the castles look really great. He really used some fine and different for each model techniques here!

3. 07/18/2020: Rocco Buttliere - Forbidden City - Beijing.
Remember Rocco's overwhelmingly large model of Late Imperial Rome? Well, he have outdone himself again with the faithful recreation of the Forbidden City in Beijing. The amount of details and the typical chinese architectural look he was able to create is just splendid! I particularly like the real looking water effect on the sourrounding moat.

4. 07/10/2020: Paul Rizzi - Berlin 1945.
Paul Rizzi alias Dunedain98 is again blasting us away with a fantastic WW2 build. This time he is dedicated to show us a big scene of the Battle of Berlin from April 1945. Again he amazes us with brilliant building techniques for the destructed houses and especial for the debris on the streets. He already did that in his Tourlaville 1944 build. He is a master of debris displaying.
A scene of Paul Rizzi's astonishing Berlin 1945 build
To Discuss

1. 07/01/2020 Immediate C - ‘Endlösung…’.
As the name already suggests, this is a Holocaust representation. We are presumably watching SS soldiers burning people in a camp with a flamethrower. The scene is shown from the perspective of the perpetrators. The flame effect is impressive, but what is shown leaves you in two halves. Holocaust depictions occur from time to time and Benjamin has already pointed this out in one of his articles. There will be more to say about this, though.

1. 07/01/2020: Koen Zwanenburg - Tutankhamun.
The Golden mask of Tutankhamun is probably the most common and remarkable ancient Egyptian piece of art. The tomb of Tutankhamun (KV62) was discovered in November 1922 by British Egyptologist Howard Carter. A lucky and unexpected incident, since most of the tombs were already destroyed and plundered over the centuries. Many members of Carters expedition died within the next 5 years of the discovery - the people tended to believe in the curse of the pharaoh (which is of course scientific wrong proven). The only curse we have here with this model is, that Koen did an insane job. The shapes, details and parts usage (with a very limited palette of pearl gold) is spectacular, as well as the fact, that it is a 1:1 replica.
A model to behold in mind and memory, like his famous reference.

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