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February 2020

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here's your latest update on the legostudies and the world of #legohistory brought to you by Benjamin from History's Bricks & Kevin from Public BRICKstory.
"The Battle of Lugdunum" - you can really feel the intensity of the scene.
Historical Builds

1. 02/19./2020: Dan Harris - The Battle of Lugdunum.
Most times Roman legions saw themself confronted with Barbarian and rebellious tribes or its equal opponent - the Parthian & Sasanian Empire. But what happens if the well trained Roman forces have to fight against Romans in a struggle for power? One spectacular example is the Battle of Lugdunum 197 AD. By using different filters and blurr-effects 'Brick to the Past' achieved a feeling for the chaos of a battle and some serious tension.

2. 02/18/2020: W. Navarre - Nuclear Sunrise.
After WW2 and with the begin of the Cold War a nuclear arms race started between the United States and Soviet Union - the first victims of this race were numerous island atolls, such as Bikini and Eniwetok, which were used by the U.S.-Government as nuclear test site. It's intriguing how Navarre achieved the look of this menacing (and more than ever actual) scenario by using each color just one time.

3. 01/29/2020 - 'Blanca Danca' -  The Siege of Danzig (Gdańsk)1945.
Here we get to see a battle from the Second World War that we do not often see. The scenes of East Pomerania during the Second World War are not well represented in the LEGO WW2 community. All the more interesting are the individual depictions of them. Especially the architecture of the houses as well as the rubble on the streets convince in this model. 
Excerpt of the Battle on Omaha Beach (brickfilm).
Videos & More

1. 02/26/2020: Jordan Durrenberger - LEGO D-Day. The Battle for Omaha Beach.
This stop-motion brickfilm featuring the landing of US-American soldiers on the Beach at Colleville-sur mer on June 6th 1944 is a masterpiece in its technique. But the video is not only technically interesting. Inevitably we notice the clear parallels to the blockbuster "Saving Private Ryan". Basically it is a staging of the movie in LEGO bricks. The scenes are not only inspired, but resemble each other almost 1:1. Here it is exciting to see how the film was transcribed into the LEGO universe scene by scene. 

2. 02/20/2020: #ILCD2020.
Each year on February 20th the International Lego Classicism Day will be celebrated by fellow FOLs, classicists, cultural institutions or just fans of classics. This event is hosted by legoclassicists who is a pioneer in the connection between Lego and history. Under #ILCD2020 you can find the numerous contribution for this year.

3. 02/10/2020: Benjamin Franz - Hitler minifig analysis.
It was only a matter of time and so it happened. The 3rd party store The Minifig Co released their first official LEGO Hitler minifig. How they did that and how that minifig is represented will be a topic for the next months. Benjamin already made a short analysis on the minifig presented in the webstore.
1. 02/26/2020: Benjamin Franz - Sophie Scholl.
Benjamin offers us here a first insight into his interactive project #legoherstory. This time he concentrates on Sophie Scholl who was an important member of the NS-resistance group "The White Rose" in Germany. Her courage is still a symbol for civil courage in Germany today.

2. 02/24/2020: Brickhistorian- Gladys Aylward
Have you ever heard of her? She was a British-born Christian missionary to China. Brickhistorian is telling us her story. It's another perfect example for what #legoherstory can be.

What's #legoherstory?
1. 02/02/2020: Kevin Walter - Sphinx.
Kevin got finally back to the design-table and created a smaller and more detailed Sphinx than his former one. He used The Sphinx of Hatshepsut, displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art/NY, as reference. This modified and smaller version can now be used for upcoming scenes, such as parts of the processional way, connecting the Luxor- with Karnak-temple.

What's #legoegypt2020?
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