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December & January

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here's your latest update on the legostudies and the world of #legohistory brought to you by Benjamin from History's Bricks & Kevin from Public BRICKstory.
"Magnum Opus Fachwerkus" - what a beautiful name for a beautiful build.
Historical Builds

1. 12/23/2019: Ralf Langer - Magnum Opus Fachwerkus.
Ralf takes us to a medieval town, as it could have been. His depictions of half-timbered houses impress not only with their details, but also with the creative and innovative building techniques. It lets us feel a medieval atmosphere, as it is rarely the case in the LEGO universe. Read more...

2. 12/20/2019: Rocco Buttliere - SPQR - Imperial Rome - circa 320 CE.
Rocco has enchanted us all with his version of history in 'miniature-miniature scale'. He presents us with a complete overview of ancient Rome under the reign of Constantine. The building techniques are impressive, the attention to detail even breathtaking. Read more...

3. 12/31/2019 - 'Barthezz Brick' -  "Battle of Hurtgen Forest".
Have you ever seen anything like this before? A model of the Second World War, which stands out directly from the building techniques and the atmosphere. It's very different to the standard. On top of that, the lighting effects are a sight to see.

4. 01/24/2020 - Hunter Erickson - Hannibal Crossing the Alps, 218 B.C.
Looking at Hunter’s creation you can already anticipate the fear Romans must have felt during the Second Punic War (218-202 B.C.), when Hannibal was "ante portas". Crossing the alps is for sure the first thing to think of when hearing the name Hannibal. Hunter captures this scene splendidly.

5. 12/30/2019: Gabriel Thomson – Peregrinus Shipyard.
Gabriel’s model reminds immediately of the smaller shipyards you can find on the Aegean Islands in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. There is a great amount of details, especially with the roofs and the angled arrangement of the shipyards.

6. 12/22/2019 Antonio Cerretti - Medieval Rome.
Antonio is known for building large scale models of ancient Rome. With this particular build, you're able to trace the various levels of architectural progress made over the time of one millenium. By revealing these strata of history, Ceretti invites you to take an almost archaeological look at his rendition of medieval Rome, including the remains of the Nerva Forum.
Excerpt of the Battle of Hurtgen Forest by 'Barthezz Brick'.

1. 12/27/2019: Benjamin Franz - Questions of the legostudies.
What does #legostudies actually deal with and what kind of topics could one take up at all? You will find an overview here. Read about colonialism, gender, WW2, Holocaust and philosophy of history in this article.

2.12/22/2019: Benjamin Franz - Interview: DER SPIEGEL about History's Bricks.
Benjamin was interviewed in DER SPIEGEL about his project History's Bricks. On History's Bricks he has provided an English translation of the interview. Find out about the possibilities, challenges and chances that LEGO offers to present history.
Videos & More

1. 12/19/2019: 'Captain Mutant' - St. Peterloo's Massacre Review.
In the video you can see the recent work of Dan Harris, James Pegrum and Simon Pickard of Brick to the Past. LEGO bricks are here used as a form of and media for education. 'Mutant' asks some interesting questions about the model. It worths a look.
1. 01/12/2020: Benjamin Franz - 'Trümmerfrauen' pt. 1.
Benjamin offers us here a first insight into his interactive project #legoherstory. He has chosen the theme of the 'Trümmerfrauen' for this. In his first approach he shows a typical representation of how women clear away rubble. Was it just a media production or reality?

2. 01/15/2020: Adam - Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
Have you ever heard of the first woman that became a doctor in Great Britain? No? Than you really should have a look at this very interesting story provided by Adam. It's a perfect example for what #legoherstory can be.

What's #legoherstory?
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