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April 2020

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here's your latest update on the legostudies and the world of #legohistory brought to you by Benjamin from History's Bricks & Kevin from Public BRICKstory.
"The Sinking of the Titanic" - A historical disaster in LEGO style.
Historical Builds

1. 04/28/2020: W. Navarre - The Sinking of the Titanic.
In naval (and cinematic) history, the sinking of the Titanic is one of the most memorable events. W. Navarre shows us the dramatic moment, with an incredible detailed model and an clean, brick-built and atmospheric background. 

2. 04/06/2020: Dan Harris - The Declaration of Arbroath.
Dan from 'Brick to the Past' takes us back to the Middle Ages in Scotland. He highlights the Scottish Declaration of Independence in his beautfiul scene. Especially his church windows are incredibly sweet designed. No wonder Benjamin wrote a MotW about this one. As it's not only beautiful but also meaningful. As we are on ship trip this month you also must see his depiction of Margaret, Maid of Norway and her VIking ship

3. 04/03/2020: Hunter Erickson - Montezuma's Menagerie.
Hunter chose a rather unfamiliar historical topic to build with his menagerie of the Aztec King. The history of the spanish Conquista is rare among AFOLs and the combination with the exotic zoo makes it really extraordinary.

4. 04/19/2020: Hunter Erickson - The Fall of Tenochtitlan, 1521.
And Hunter strikes again with his depiction of the Fall of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital in 1521. We know about this events from Cortez source "The conquest of Mexico", so the view of the conqueror. The atmosphere and scenery is really lovely created, with a spot-on micro temple and sunset by using different red and orange tones. 

5. 04/03/2020: Molegode - Gorch Fock.
This month ships have been quite trendy. Is that because the second season of "Das Boot" came out on April 24th? Or maybe people are hyped by the new Pirate bay set from The LEGO Group? Anyway, Moritz aka Molegode complements our armada today with his model of the Gorch Fock. A model that you don't see every day. The construction is, as you are used to from Moritz, on top level and thematically it is also very interesting to see a German school ship as a LEGO model.
Excerpt of the Declaration of Arbroath.

1. 04/14/2020: James Pegrum - The Black Death.
The Corona virus and their causes are really harmless in comparison to the Black Death. I mean "The Black Death, also known as the Plague, was the most devastating pandemic recorded in human history, resulting in the deaths of up to 75-125 million people globally, peaking in Europe from 1347 to 1351." as they state it on BttP. James dedicated a series of somehow hillarious depictions to this terrible event of human history. It really worths looking at it.

2. 04/12/2020: Benjamin Franz - MotW: All years again - #legohistory and anniversaries.
As mentioned above, Benjamin has chosen Dan Harris' Scottish Declaration of Independence model for a MotW article. He noticed that such a model is a prime example of how we remember the past and historical events with the medium LEGO. LEGO is here used as a medium of memory. That is an exciting perspective to see.

3. 04/05/2020: Benjamin Franz - MotW: History as daily escape adventure.

Before that, Benjamin had previously devoted himself to a very different model. One that we already mentioned in last month's article. It's about Letrange's Celtic Adventure. Benjamin sees in it the daily handling of history and the non-everyday escape from the everyday with the craving and the journey to historical places.

4. 04/14/2020: Kevin Walter - The Origins of Public BRICKstory: Plans & Preparations.
In this part of PBS's origin story, Kevin give detailed insights into the preparation and planning of the exhibition in Heitersheim, South Germany. He looks into the development of the virtual LEGO-model, promotion and fundraising for such an ambitious project.

5. 04/28/2020: Kevin Walter - The Origins of Public BRICKstory: Building Sessions, Opening and the Media.
In his last installment of the Origins of Public BRICKstory, Kevin explores the building progress, upcoming and not calculated problems, media coverage and of course the Grand Opening.
1. 04/29/2020: Benjamin Franz - The Fisher Lady.
Benjamin recreated the beautiful oil painting from Aline von Kapff (1877) with LEGO bricks for the campaign by the Kunsthalle Bremen and contributed another build to his #legoherstory project. For the first time he tried to reconstruct a painting as exactly as possible. He had to realize that it is not so easy to do that on a LEGO scale. Also checkout #tussenkunstenquarantine to see how other people reconstruct famous art. It's just beautiful.

What's #legoherstory?
1. 04/19/2020: Prototype week 1: Columns & Capitals.
Kevin explores the nearly limitless possibilities of building Egyptian columns and different capitals by using stickers and other quite unusual parts to achieve the distinctive Egyptian look.

2. 04/26/2020: Prototype week 2: Ornaments & Decoration.
In the second week Kevin tried different color-schemes in combination with various Hieroglyph-parts and shows in which contexts, such as tombs,  temples and palaces, these parts could find good use.

What's #llegoegypt2020?
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