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March 2020

Hey friend,

here's your latest update on the legostudies and the world of #legohistory brought to you by Benjamin from History's Bricks & Kevin from Public BRICKstory.

Under the circumstances caused by the Corona virus, we have done our best to provide you with the best in the world of #legohistory and #legostudies again this month. We hope you and your family stay healthy!
"Celtic Adventure" - History as daily escape adventure.
Historical Builds

1. 03/24/2020: 'Letranger Absurde' - Celtic Adventure.
History is with us every day. Just on the way to work, to the supermarket etc. we encounter countless historical artifacts. But mostly this part of history in everyday life is very subtle. So we use the more active engagement with history to escape from everyday life. Letranger' has recognized this and dedicates an entire beautiful model to this everyday escape.

2. 03/20/2020: 'Brickboyslo' - Roman Emona.
Looking at brickboysslo's Roman Emona (present-day Slovenias capital Ljublijana) shows you, what settlements looked like far from the imperial Rome. Founded 35 BC as castrum of the legio XIII Gemina, this site turned rapidly into a prosperous city, merging civil and military life, as you can imagine from the many details provided by this magnificent build.

3. 03/18/2020: Jarek Książczyk - Roman ballista.
Polish builder Jarek brings you a highlight of Roman military art of engineering - a menacing ballista. While they are existed in different sizes like the small scorpio or wagon-ballista, this one depicts a large torsion siege engine. The best of Jareks awesome ballista is, that it is fully functional - check out the power of this construction in this video

4. 03/14/2020: 'Pellogebricks' -  France 1944.
At first sight the model looks like another Normandy WW2 model. Classic representation, classic plot. Already seen 100 times. But what Pellegobricks does very well is the representation of the vegetation. The so-called bocage, a French term for the landscape of hedges created in the Middle Ages, is anything but simple to depict. We acknowledge that with this nomination.
Excerpt of the France 1944 build.
Videos, Articles & More

1. 03/23/2020: Benjamin Franz - lego & history - the legostudies?
The Bavarian Broadcasting made a small video contribution about Benjamin and his project. It is about how he actually works and what kind of questions he asks himself during his project. To what extent can LEGO be investigated as a medium for the representation of history, and what can this investigation actually achieve for us? What can you get out of representing LEGO models? To what extent does this change one's views of history? These are questions Benjamin is facing daily. See some of his ideas in this video (ENG sub).

2. 03/24/2020: Benjamin Franz MotW: what is art?
Benjamin started a new blog series MotW (Moc of the Week). In which he now reflects one great LEGO build per week. He started with Ralf Langers beautiful abstract art exhibition. Both asked themselves the humble question, what actually is art and how can that question actually be asked in the medium of LEGO bricks?

3. 03/31/2020: Kevin Walter - The Origins of Public BRICKstory

In his first article on his newly launched website, Kevin explores the origins of Public BRICKstory and gives insights on initial steps of his journey.

4. 03/27/2020: St. John's Prep - Going Global.

A short article about how Latin teacher Elizabeth Solomon uses Legonium's work to keep her students experiencing, appreciating, and analyzing Latin texts during #remotelearning. This shows again how versatile the medium LEGO can be used.
1. 03/08/2020: Benjamin Franz- #InternationalWomensDay
Benjamin gathered some LEGO posts that show different roles of females in history on the occasion of International Women's Day. He shows that women are staged very differently in historical LEGO settings. The different examples are very clear, but not representative.Further studies are needed,

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