Plan Vivo Foundation newsletter, February 2012.
Plan Vivo Newsletter, February 2012

Thank-you to all our stakeholders!
We would like to thank our stakeholders for their continued support and commitment to improving rural livelihoods and restoring ecosystems through Plan Vivo throughout 2011. In this newsletter you will find information about Plan Vivo's progress last year and plans for the coming months.

Please get in touch with the Plan Vivo Foundation if you would like any more information ( 

How did 2011 look for Plan Vivo?
2011 was an exciting year for Plan Vivo, with new projects joining the Plan Vivo network, milestones reached, new faces at the Plan Vivo Foundation, and new climate friendly projects emerging using Plan Vivo Certificates. 

Expanding project network
3 new projects were registered under the Plan Vivo Standard: Bolivia (ArBolivia), Nicaragua (Limay Community Carbon Project) and Malawi (Trees of Hope). Long-standing projects also continued to expand, engaging more smallholders and community groups - Plan Vivo now engages over 9,000 smallholders and community groups across Mexico, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Uganda, Mozambique, Tanzania and Malawi.
Reaching milestones in community carbon: one million credits issued, and on our way to two million! 
In June, we celebrated the issuance of the one millionth Plan Vivo Certificate into the Markit Environmental Registry. This means that plan vivos (rural smallholder and community land management plans) are in place to collectively absorb or reduce over 1,000,000 tonnes of CO2. We are pleased to say that over one million credits have also been sold by projects, demonstrating that there is an increasing demand for ethical, pro-poor carbon with ecosystem benefits. We are already well on our way to 2 million credits, so expect the next celebration to come along a lot sooner!

New faces at the Plan Vivo Foundation
The Plan Vivo Foundation welcomes two new faces; Ina Porras and Andy Inglis. Ina joins the Board of Trustees and brings a wealth of experience on Payments for Ecosystem Services. Andy has joined the Foundation team and brings vast experience in international and community development to the Foundation. Welcome Ina and Andy!
To view their full profiles and read about the other trustees, go to

Plan Vivo climate friendly products!  - Using Plan Vivo Certificates to green supply chains
For some time we have seen great potential to use Plan Vivo Certificates to create more climate friendly and ethical products, with communities even supplying both voluntary emissions reductions (VERs) and products to the same buyer. After early action with products such as Yoggi Yalla in Sweden (using credits from farmers planting fruit trees in Mozambique to compensate for the climate impact of a major brand of drink in Sweden), 2011 saw this idea take hold and grown.

An exciting example is the first brand of ‘Plan Vivo coffee’! Sustainable Source Supply Chain Ltd. has purchased both coffee and Plan Vivo Certificates from a cooperative of coffee farmers in the Scolel Te programme in Mexico. The company calculated the coffee's carbon footprint (transport, roasting, packaging) and purchased Plan Vivo Certificates - building the cost of ecosystem services into the product itself. This ‘insetting’ approach to supply chain sustainability represents an exciting and innovative development and we look forward to seeing more Plan Vivo climate friendly products emerge in 2012.

Plan Vivo joins IFCA
The Foundation closed out the year by joining the newly formed International Forest Carbon Association (IFCA).  IFCA is a not for profit association that is committed to creating significant and sustainable demand for forest carbon offsets that meet credible, independent performance standards.
We look forward to participating in the IFCA as the organisation progresses.

What lies ahead in 2012?
In 2012, we are looking forward to building on our success and achievements to date and achieving new milestones.
We expect a further 6 projects to register under the Plan Vivo Standard this year, taking participation in Plan Vivo projects to well over 10,000 smallholders and rural community groups. We also look forward to releasing the 2012 version of the Standard, a Plan Vivo ‘Community REDD’ Methodology and a Plan Vivo Socioeconomic  Assessment Guidance Manual.

We look forward to keeping in touch with you this year as we work on building Plan Vivo with our stakeholders.

Warm regards, the Plan Vivo team
The Plan Vivo Foundation is a charity registered in Scotland, number 
ArBolivia, Bolivia
Project coordinator: SICIREC ArBolivia
Number of participants:907
Plan Vivo Certificates issued:  34,766 
Limay Community Carbon Project, Nicaragua
Project coordinator: 
Taking Root
Participants: 81
Plan Vivo Certificates issued:  46,026
Trees of Hope, Malawi
Project coordinator: Clinton Development Initiative
Plan Vivo Certificates issued: 22,550
Stakeholders Celebrate One Million Plan Vivo Certificates
Stakeholders gathered in London to mark the issuance of the one millionth Plan Vivo Certificate in June.
Plan Vivo Coffee! 
This brand of coffee uses Plan Vivo to ensure a positive impact on people and ecosystems. Click here to read more about using Plan Vivo to green supply chains.
Project pipeline
Click on the picture to find out more about about projects under development in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Mexico, Kenya, Tanzania, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Senegal.

Plan Vivo joins IFCA

Plan Vivo has joined the newly formed International Forest Carbon Association
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