May 8, 2015 â€¢ Volume: 2014-15, Issue 35
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Campus Update

“Finance and Budget 101” in Fishburn

On Monday, May 18, at 5:30 p.m., please plan to attend a session led by Dr. Proctor and our board to increase financial transparency with an update on our school’s finances and budget. If you have questions, please attend. Dr. Proctor’s will focus on “North Cross Finances and Budget 101”—the cost to educate each student and the cost to operate the school. Following his talk will be a brief question and answer period.

Summer Reading Book Fair Continues

We've had a great week at the Summer Reading Book Fair in Hancock Library! Many thanks to all those who have visited and to our wonderful volunteers who have made book fair such a great event! Any books that have been ordered will be delivered to the students before the end of the school year. 

Don't forget that we still have a book fair going on at Barnes and Noble through Monday, May 18. Purchases will still count toward our book fair until then, as long as you let them know that you are supporting the book fair at North Cross School. Taking along our voucher is the easiest way to be sure we receive credit for your purchase. Click here to download a book fair voucher with our book fair ID number. Our Hancock Library "wish list" table is at the Tanglewood Barnes and Noble. If you would like to purchase a book for donation to our library, please stop by and take a look. 

Let’s Hear it for â€œSpirit Club”

This month Nani Moskal and Deborah Jessee have collaborated to create an even stronger sense of community here at North Cross by establishing a “Spirit Club.” During the past few weeks, you may have noticed organized crafts such as posters and noisemaker stations during athletic events on Thomas Field lead by faculty and Willis Hall students. In photo by Nani Moskal, Steele Semler ’29 and Brianne Pollock ’26 show their spirit at a recent lacrosse game. These activities were created specifically for our Ellis Hall students who attend home athletic games.
The two “trial events” of the NCS Spirit Club this spring were a huge success and plans for a regular occurrence starting next school year are a go! Faculty members and upper school students will rotate volunteering at home athletic events and help organize the provided supplies. The students volunteering will assist the younger students in completing these crafts and then help cheer on our athletes.
This club will better utilize the time of our younger students who frequently attend these games and could benefit from interactions with our older students in a constructive way, while simultaneously encouraging the older students to serve as role models.  Our athletes will also benefit from a stronger fan base and school spirit. 
Deborah and Nani would like to thank Susan Card, Susan Wenk, Victor Lamas, Jack Cranwell ’16, and Kennedy Nwabia ’15 for helping during the beginning phases of this program and all the Ellis Hall students who participated. More information regarding this program will be provided this fall, including ways on how to get involved. Go Raiders!

Dyslexia Event Tuesday

On Tuesday, May 12, Lisa Teegarden Cabay, Ph.d. will make a presentation titled “Stick to It!” The importance of Perseverance and Goal setting for students with Dyslexia. The presentation starts at 5:30 p.m. and ends at 7 p.m. This event is free and open to the public. Since space is limited, please contact Kit Prillaman at (540) 989-6641 or to reserve a spot.

Academic Update

Perfecting PowerPoint

Last Friday, fourth grade students delivered their PowerPoint presentations in Fishburn Auditorium. Each student researched an animal and delivered the presentation to students and family members. The project represents one of the many projects that require students to research, analyze, write, and present during their time at North Cross. 

Click here to view photos posted on our Facebook page.

Water Quality Study

Seventh grade science students traveled to the Virginia Tech Catawba Sustainability Center on Tuesday to study the water quality of Catawba Creek and the Roanoke River Watershed. 

Click here to view photos posted on our Facebook page.

Lower School Supports OMNI

In March, lower school students were presented with a special community service and learning opportunity. Karen Remine, the founder and president of Orphan Medical Network International (OMNI) and Chriss Ross, mother of Paul Ross ’12 and OMNI volunteer, spoke to the children and showed a video introducing them to this organization. OMNI runs a school for children in grades 1 through 7 in Zambia, Africa. The OMNI School serves needy children in the Copper Belt region of Zambia providing them with an education and a meal each day. Lower school students also participated in a Skype session with the headmaster and some of the students from the OMNI School.
Besides running a school, the organization sends medical teams to Zambia every summer. For two weeks after the presentation, students collected medical supplies for this summer’s trip and were able to donate over 400 items for the clinics that OMNI will run in July. Since that time, Mrs. Remine and Mrs. Ross have met with the second graders and the lower school SCA to facilitate question and answer sessions between North Cross students and teachers and OMNI students and teachers via Skype.  Mrs. Wendy Lawrence, Ellis Hall SCA advisor, looks forward to continuing the relationship between the two schools next year.

5th Science Fair Wednesday

The 5th grade Science Fair is scheduled for next Wednesday, May 13 in the CAC from 8-9:30. Everyone is invited to see the projects completed by the students.

5th Grade Battle Next Friday

On Friday, May 15, at 10 a.m., North Cross will hold inaugural games for the Flavian Amphitheater, better known to the public as The Colosseum. There will be beast hunts with an elephant from the Africa province, lions from Syria, and the best gladiators from all over Italy will fight under the gaze of the divine Titus, Emperor of Rome.

Teacher Feature: Stephen Belderes

Do you prefer teaching and coaching in high school over college?
I really do. It’s amazing to see how much a student can grow and accomplish between 9th and 12th grade. One of the great things about working here is that I teach a lot of the same kids at multiple levels so I feel like I really get to know my students. I also like teaching high school students because I feel like I still have a chance to make an impact on them and help them make a difference. 

Click here to read the full feature.

Photo: Stephen Belderes, with his wife, Lisa, and their daughters, Samantha ’28 and Madelyn ’31

Art Update

Student Art Show Reception

Thanks to everyone who came out for the opening of the 2015 North Cross School Student Art Show in Logan Gallery on Monday evening. The show features studio and digital art project completed by middle and upper school students this year. The show will be on display until May 29.

Click here to view photos posted on our Facebook page.

Spring Concert Schedule

Choral and instrumental music students will perform their spring concerts later this month.
  • Choral Music PerformanceWednesday, May 13 at 7 p.m. in Fishburn Auditorium. Students will perform under the direction of Mr. Andrew Miller.
  • Instrumental Music PerformanceTuesday, May 19 at 7 p.m. in Lemon Dining Hall. Students will perform under the direction of Ms. Jimmie Donnini.

Athletic Update

Coach Lawrence Gets 200th Victory

In his 21st season as Varsity Baseball Coach, Eric Lawrence got his 200th victory on Tuesday afternoon. The Raiders defeated Hargrave Military Academy 9-0 in the VIC Quarterfinals on the strength of a complete game on the mound by Justin Jensen ’16 (top photo by Tonya Benson). In bottom photo, Coach Lawrence is pictured from the 1995 yearbook, his second season at the helm of the Raiders.

Yesterday, however, the Raiders lost 2-1 to Miller School in a seven inning thriller and were eliminated from the VIC tournament. After five innings of scoreless baseball, Miller scored two runs in the bottom of the 6th. The Raiders loaded the bases with no outs in their last at bat. Ben Coleman drove in one run on a single. After that, the Mavericks held firm and struck out three Raiders in a row. The Raiders went toe-toe with the top Division II team in the state.

Boys’ Varsity Tennis Advances

The Raiders traveled to Liberty Christian Academy on Thursday and defeated the Bulldogs 7 to 2. The victory sets up North Cross to compete in the VIC Finals at Eastern Mennonite tomorrow. In photo (by John Fishwick), Jack Fishwick ’16 and Michael Fleming ’16 rest after their match.

Girls’ Varsity Tennis Eliminated

The Raiders lost to Chatham Hall 4-5 on Thursday afternoon at the Fishwick Tennis Center in the BRC Semifinals. The teams tied 3-3 in their singles matches. The Raiders won the first doubles match but dropped the next two. The team is relatively young and looks to make a lot of progress next season. 

Golf Senior Day

The Varsity Golf team recognized seniors Harrison Macher ’15 and Sterling Moskal ’15 before the team took on Holy Cross at Hunting Hills Country Club on Wednesday afternoon. Click here to view photos on Facebook.
Remaining Senior Day:
  • May 9—Boys’ Varsity Baseball vs William Fleming, approximate time of ceremony 11:50 a.m.

Upcoming Playoff Schedule

  • BRC Girls' Soccer Championship: Tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. on Thomas Field: North Cross hosts Eastern Mennonite High School.
  • VIC Boys' Tennis Championship: Tomorrow at 1:00 at the Eastern Mennonite University courts: North Cross vs. Eastern Mennonite High School
  • VIC Golf Championship: Monday, May 11 at London Downs Golf Club

Raiders Scoreboard

Click here to view the scoreboard for this week.

Celebrating 70 Years

Choosing “Compass”

While the technology used to produce the North Cross School yearbook has changed significantly, the name of our annual chronicle, “The Compass,” has remained the same. 

When it came time to name the first yearbook of North Cross Country Day School, the name “Compass” was thoughtfully selected. The editor of that first yearbook explained that it was selected “because  it is a word which, like students, grows.” Young children use a compass to describe circles while older children learn to use a compass to determine direction by means of a magnetic needle. “Gradually,” the editor wrote, â€œthe work grows to mean the boundary of an area, the limits, the sweep, the capacity, and the space within those limits.”

Click here, or on the image, to view a pdf of yearbook staff pages from 1969, 1983, 1993, and 2010.

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