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Wetzin'kwa Field Trip

David deWit

Natural Resources Department Manager for the Office of the Wet’suwet’en

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Dan Livingston from PRT and Sybille Haeussler discuss seedlings. Terry Chow Photo

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June 2013 Newsletter

Smithers: It was another great conference

Though it was a big investment in time and expense, participants report that the combination of information and insights, networking and fun made it all worthwhile to attend the 2013 BCCFA Conference and AGM. Over 90 people participated in the event which included representation from 50% of the BCCFA membership, forestry professionals, government representatives, researchers and academics. The Wetzin'kwa Community Forest hosts were wonderful organizers and put on a great field trip where they  demonstrated their community outreach through stories of their meaningful connection with the Wet’suwet’en people and with local user groups. We also want to thank all of the conference presenters and sponsors for their support and participation in the event.

Check out the conference presentations more information

We would like to acknowledge the support received from National Research Canada-Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) through the Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program (DTAPP). NRC-IRAP provides contributions to eligible organizations that have the capacity to help small and medium enterprises in accelerating their adoption of digital technologies. NRC-IRAP is delivering DTAPP on behalf of Industry Canada.
2012-2013 Presidents Report
The report, prepared by Jennifer Gunter, Executive Director and submitted on behalf of the Board of Directors by President, Marc von der Gonna gives a comprehensive account of the priorities and activities of the BCCFA over the past year. more information

2013 BCCFA Conference Session Summary
Smart Phones and Tablets: Tremendous Potential for Field Data Collection
Presented by Andy Muma, RTF  

Andy gave, by most accounts, the most useful session at the conference. Everyone was inspired by his information about mobile devices, smart phones and tablets and their potential for streamlining field work process and digital data management. more information
A demonstration of the new and improved was given in Smithers by Rhoni Whyard, lead creator of the site  To capitalize on that event, we need to build momentum by getting new listings. Every now and then we need BCCFA members to help give the site a boost by posting listings (for sale or wanted). We are looking to create that snowball effect right now, so take a minute and make a posting! more information

Other News

ASPECT Targeted Skills Shortage Program
The program is focused on helping businesses and non-profit organizations by providing access to funded skills training more information


On the deck at the Buchfink Family Memorial Ski Lodge

Comments on the conference

"I have attended all of the BCCFA AGMs since McBride in 2007. I have found that by attending the conferences I return home with at least one piece of new information that I can apply the following week which more than pays for my attendance at the conference. Sometimes this new insight is gleaned from the invited speakers and many times it is the informal discussions with other CFA managers and directors. This year’s AGM in Smithers was no exception and I am already looking forward to the 2014 BCCFA AGM."

Bill Golding, Manager Wetzin'kwa Community Forest


More comments

"The event was a very gratifying experience for me – one of the best in my whole career with government."

"Great job organizing the conference. Very professional. I can see why the BCCFA is becoming increasingly visible these days."

"Fun event and learned lots. "

"Thanks again for the opportunity to present our work at your conference. I very much enjoyed the dialogue and the other presentations. I only wish I had booked more time to participate further."

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