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Are you enjoying the Great British Sewing Bee?

Enjoy it even more with Bernina.

From the preview at the end of last week's show, we know that the remaining contestants are going to challenged to get to grips with hard-to-manage fabrics. Here's Paul, under Claudia's watchful eye, giving it his best shot.

Can you match the Sewing Bee contestants with hard-to-manage fabrics?

This week's Great British Sewing Bee sees the contestants put to the test with hard-to-manage fabrics. With this in mind, we thought we'd give you a head start with a project to make this beautiful ladies' leather and silk dress. For full details of this project, click here.

Get Pin-stuck in!

On last week's Sewing Bee, one of the contestants did some work on a shirt using a Pintuck foot. You can create beautiful textures on any fabric from denim to batiste by stitching raised tucks using a pintuck foot and a double needle. Pintucks can be made with or without a filler cord, depending on the fabric and the look desired. Once the machine is threaded with two spools of thread for a double needle, the sewing is simple. Just stitch as always and the foot will do the work. Click here to download our ebook and here for more information on our Pintuck Foot.


Turn your hand to great children's dressing-up costumes

Did you see the recent episode of Great British Sewing Bee when the contestants were asked to create fancy dress outfits for children? Well, now you can turn your little ones into fairies and wizards! With this project from Bernina you can create two great costumes with beautiful embroidery, a streamer garland, colourful decorative butterflies, fluttering ribbon wands. All that's needed is the unlimited imagination of the children to create a perfect magical world. Click here to access the project.


Hannah Blackbourne shows you how to make a quick and easy child's dress...

Making a quick simple dress for my 2 year old couldn’t be easier with a Bernina sewing machine and their great range of presser feet.
I have used a pattern called Spencer 20004 by Minikrea but there are lots of lovely easy to make children’s dress patterns available on the market.
I decided to make some alterations to the pattern to accommodate the needs of my busy toddler.
Firstly I decided to insert an invisible zip using Bernina’s amazing invisible zipper Foot 35, this made it a neat and easy job. Bernina have a great range of tutorials on You Tube this clip explains how to insert an invisible zip.

Once the zip had been inserted I decided to change the side seams from a standard finish to a flat felled seam. Using this technique both seam allowances are enclosed within the seam which is secured with a row of top stitching. This makes the seam extremely strong and flat against the body ideal for a very active toddler.
When creating the flat felled seam I used Bernina 4mm lap seam foot #70. This creates the seam in two simple stages and gives you a lovely finish. 

With the wrong sides of the fabric together, allow the bottom layer to extend approximately ¼”. Fold the lower piece over the top piece and slide it under the presser foot, aligning the fold with the inner right toe of the foot. Sew four stitches and stop with the needle in the work lift the presser foot and guide the fabric into the slot, over the left toe of the foot. Stitch the remainder of the seam. 

Open the seam out and place it back under the foot so the first row of stitching is visible in the slot. Sew four stitches and then lower the needle into the fabric. Place the first fabric seam in the slot, over the crook of the left toe and stitch the remaining seam.

I have chosen a brightly patterned design however if you had plain fabric you could always add a ribbon embellishment with a twin needle if you wanted. 

Bernina have a great range of presser feet to help you tackle any project with a very helpful range of online tutorials.

To view our range of presser feet, click here.

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