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So...five months since my last communique. At least I can't be accused of bombarding you with updates!  

The pool is up and the barbecue is on! Here in the States it's Memorial Day weekend, which typically kicks off the summer for most of us. It's been in the mid-sixties all week, which is kind of too chilly to swim, though I've been doing my best imitation of a polar bear, splashing (and screaming) around out there for about thirty minutes every afternoon. And speaking of time management, a number of you keep asking what the heck happened to all those stories I promised for this year. Basically it comes down to this: now that I am a part time publisher, there's just a LOT more work involved in addition to writing. I'm not whining -- I think taking control of my work was one of the smartest things I could have done -- but it does mean less time is spent creating fiction and more time is spent on the business side. Which is why I'm having to backtrack on some of those 2013 release dates. I am really sorry about that, and I won't make the mistake of offering hard and fast release dates from here on out. We'll just keep things more general until I know for sure when the books are going to be hitting the shelves.

That said, I do still plan to produce all or most of the projects I promised before the end of the year. 

Contrary to the physical evidence, things ARE moving. As promised, I will be releasing a re-edited and expanded edition of Man Oh Man: Writing Quality M/M Fiction. The book is currently in the layout/formatting phase, so I'm hoping we'll be seeing the print edition by mid-June (or so). Right now I'm only planning on print. Eventually I hope to put the book into digital, but the formatting is pretty complicated, so for now...print only. Also coming up is a print collection of my short stories. In Sunshine Or In Shadow contains thirteen short stories, five of them never in print before. All five of my Petit Mort are included -- and there's one new story, exclusive to the collection, titled "In Plain Sight."  So that's you print lovers sorted.

For those of you enjoying the audio books, we've got two new releases scheduled for June. Strange Fortune narrated by David Lazarus, and The Hell You Say narrated by Chris Patton. I'm delighted to say that Chris is now signed to do the entire Adrien English series, which we hope to have completed by the end of the year. I currently have a total of ten audio books available for your listening pleasure -- and more planned!  If you still haven't delved into audio, check out Amazon's whispersync feature. Select audio titles are sold at greatly reduced prices if you purchase the current kindle edition. For example, the audio book for Fatal Shadows was selling for $1.99 -- and it may still be, for all I know! 

So...what am I actually working on right now? Well, I'm writing the sequel to the 1935 mystery romp This Rough Magic. This time Brett and Neil are involved in murder and Egyptology. I'll Met by Moonlight should be available in July. In fact, we'll have an excerpt up on the website for you in a day or so. Ultimately, we're going to pair the two novellas together in a print collection -- and, yes, an audio book is planned as well. After IMbM comes the much delayed The Boy With the Painful Tattoo. I know there is much impatience and aggravation regarding the delays of this third Holmes & Moriarity, but is happening. Really. Truly.  

What else? Oh. I'm trying a little experiment over at Wattpad. I'm posting unedited chapters from the first book of The Haunted Heart series. This is a brand new unscheduled, unplanned, unforeseen four-part interconnected series -- sort of funny, sort of spooky -- about a man who inherits the weird contents of a strange little museum. The idea is to post the chapters weekly, let readers comment and vote and enjoy for free. Ultimately, when the story is complete, I'll remove it, add in the erotic parts (which will NOT be shared on Wattpad), edit, and publish to sell. So if you feel like enjoying and commenting on a work in progress, pop over to Wattpad. I have to say, I've never done anything like this and it may turn out I don't care for the process -- in other words, I may yank the story without warning -- but the idea of this experiment intrigues me, so we'll see. We'll give it a try.

If you follow my blog, you know I've been running interviews with my audio book narrators. I've also started a series of interviews with characters from certain of the less well known novellas. This month the spotlight is on Finn and Con from Lovers and Other Strangers. I'm not a devoted blogger, by any means, but I do try and post something once a week.

So that's it for this month!  Even if your head isn't spinning by now, mine is. Thank you as always for your support. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your buying, reading, and talking about my work. Heck, I even appreciate when you're talking about my LACK of work.

All the best,




Now available!

 And now for something completely different...

A change of pace for me, and maybe for you too. An experimental novella which blends male male romance with Japanese yaoi.  Possibly not everyone's cup of green tea, but I loved the creative exercise -- and maybe you will too!

Despite falling for aloof manga artist Kai Tashiro, Homicide Detective Ryo Miller is determined to break the alibi Kai is supplying his murderous boyfriend--even if it means breaking Kai with it.

Now in Audio!

In Audio

Somebody Killed His Editor, the first book in the Holmes & Moriarity series is available in audio through (And so is the second book, come to think of it!)  Kevin R. Free 's delivery is so spot on, he had ME laughing as I listened along.

Reclusive mystery writer Christopher Holmes agrees to attend a mystery writer’s conference at a remote Northern California winery.  But no sooner does he arrive then the bridge to the outside world washes out. On his trek to the Blue Heron Lodge, Christopher discovers the body of a woman in the woods.  Truth really is stranger -- and a lot more dangerous -- than fiction!

Also available on iTunes and Amazon. 

Coming Soon

A print reader's delight. Thirteen short stories, five never before collected in print, written between 2007 and 2013. Sexy, sweet, and occasionally strange, these brief but emotionally powerful stories encapsulate everything readers of Male Male romance have come to love most about Josh Lanyon's work.

The collection includes the five Petit Mort stories written for JCP Books: "Slings and Arrows," "Other People's Weddings," "Sort of Stranger Than Fiction," "Critic's Choice" and "Just Desserts."

Arranged to flow thematically and stylistically are "Perfect Day," "A Limited Engagement," "In Sunshine or In Shadow," a lightly rewritten version of "The French Have a Word for It," "In a Dark Wood," "Until We Meet Once More," "Heart Trouble" and the new and exclusive "In Plain Sight."

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