October newsletter from Diana

Happy Autumn! 

Traditionally I haven’t enjoyed this time of the year as much as I might. I liked it well enough when going back to school in college, but for the past thirty-three years it’s meant going back to my day job. While I enjoy that job well enough to do it for that length of time, my real love is writing and I saw the coming of autumn as a pull away from my heart’s desire.
What’s different this year? This is my last year of teaching. Hooray! I retire in June and get to write full-time. I am SO looking forward to it.
So this autumn I’m actually enjoying the lingering summer, enjoying the fall colors (which are peak right now in my part of the Finger Lakes) and enjoying getting some new stories ready for release. I have several! Unfortunately, I have no cover art for any of them, so you'll just have to make do with pictures from my cabin in the fall. :)
I have a short novella I’ll be releasing through Ellora’s Cave as a late anniversary present for Sarah and Phillip of Secret Submission and Submission Revealed fame. This past September marked their ten-year anniversary and I thought it might be fun to stop in and see how they’ve made out. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to stop in soon enough, so I didn’t have it ready for a September release. I’ll let everyone know as soon as it comes out, though!
12 Days is the tentative title to a novel I’ll be self-publishing just after Thanksgiving. I’ve included the blurb and an excerpt below for you to peruse...I think you’ll enjoy it. I certainly had fun writing it. :)

Look, too, for Frankenstein's Captain, a re-write of my previously released novella, Kara's Captain. It's currently in edits and will be out soon, I promise. I'm really excited about revisiting this story and Kara and her ghostly Captain Walton. The new release (and re-named) book is also much longer than the original!
And I’ve been hard at work rewriting the fantasy that started it all. When I first made the commitment to becoming a published author, I started in the fantasy genre, my favorite genre to read. Discoveries is the first of what, at this point, will be a two-volume set. Look for that in the spring.

So, as you can see, I haven't been lazy. Four works in progress at once isn't bad. Lots of work yet to get them readable, but it's when you enjoy what you're doing, it ain't's fun! Read on for more about 12 Days
Blurb for 12 Days

     This romp through the past 250 years or so is a light look not only at the mores and customs of each period, but at the same time, an examination of dominant and submissive relationships during that era. Please remember that, until the twentieth century, women were property in fact, and not voluntarily so. Marriages were often contracted for economic reasons rather than emotional ones, especially among the upper class.
In spite of that, love did exist and some people did actually marry the person he or she adored. In the stories that follow, hero and heroine alike need to thread their way through social custom, law, and sexual preferences to find happiness together. Rest assured, they all do…although with twists and turns along the way that will surprise you.

Excerpt from Day Three of 12 Days
by Diana Hunter
All Rights Reserved

     Beneath his hands, her hips swayed in a dance of his making. Her feet strained against the simple bindings he had given her and each time she tugged against them, more cream puddled in her pussy.
     He shifted the tawse into his right hand again, using a finger of his left to pull a trail up along the crevice to her tiny pink hole. Circling it with the one finger, he tapped her firmly with the tawse on the backs of her thighs. Dipping for more liquid, he tapped again as his finger circled.
     Several times he teased her this way, knowing she bit back the moans that filled her throat. Keeping his hand in place, he bent down to whisper in her ear.
     “You are being so good, my dear, and are learning your lesson quite well. Continue to remain silent and I shall continue to teach you a new lesson in lovemaking.”
     She nodded, the silk cravat dark between her teeth where she sucked on it in her burgeoning ecstasy.
     James dipped his finger again, once more applying the tawse as he slid his finger along the moistened path, but this time he did not stop to circle that tiny pink hole. He slid his finger inside, all the way up to the first knuckle, as he used the tawse continuously on the skin of her ass.
     His erection pained him. In the future he would train himself to hold for longer periods of time, but seeing her pink ass and his finger disappearing into her little hole, his control shattered. Dropping the tawse to the floor, he unbuttoned his pants and stood behind her, his finger furiously pumping and stretching her. In the future, too, he would plunge his cock deep into that virgin hole, both taking and giving pleasure in an entirely new way to the both of them. 
     His breath ragged, he removed his cock from his pants as she rocked in time to his finger. She didn’t make a sound, but from the way her head tossed and from the urgency of her dance, James knew her desperation to be the rival of his own. Not bothering to remove his trousers, he placed the smooth tip of his cock, already purple with his need, at her entrance and took her hips in his hands, stilling her. As he spoke, he pushed against her opening, his cock becoming slick with her juices.
Excited? Me too! Target release date is November 22nd...barely a month away. Mark your calendars!

Play safe,
From the front porch of our cabin


My garden laid out. Have since added deer fencing around it as well. Love to look at them, don't want them eating my tomatoes!


Read about Sarah and Phillip before their anniversary story is released!
Will their secret coming out interfere with their wedding plans? 


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