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Rep. Omar’s Dilemma: AIPAC, Zionism and Weaponized Identity Politics

Teodrose Fikre | While still taboo in US politics, the issue of Israeli undo influence is being trust into view - and The Lobby are pushing back harder than ever.
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Little Marco: Florida’s Boyish Senator Owned by the Israel Lobby

Philip Giraldi | Rubio's backing of the 'anti-boycott' law reveals his operational role as an agent of Israeli interests in Washington.
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SYRIA: 70 Civilians Killed and Injured in Latest Coalition Massacre Near Deir Ezzor

21WIRE + SANA | Any retaliation by the Syrian or Russian armed forces in Syria against the US would give Washington and Tel Aviv the pretext they so desperately need to escalate tensions and war in the region.
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Venezuela Files and more...

Episode #267 – ‘The Secret Team’ with guest host Jay Dyer, Basil Valentine
Yellow Vest Files
Are Silicon Valley Elites’ ‘Big Ideas’ Really for the Masses, or Just for Them?
LISTEN: Mark Anderson Interviews Cliven Bundy on STOP THE PRESSES! Radio
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Episode #267: ‘The Secret Team’ with guest host Jay Dyer, Basil Valentine

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