Active in Time New Year Update
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AiT New Year Update: App promo assets now online, API details + weekly stats coming back
Dear <<First Name>>

Speedo Fit & GymJam app promo assets now online, API details + weekly reports coming back soon...

A belated happy new year to you all! We can see from our apps that your gyms and pools are pretty busy right now. I'm trying to get in the spirit of things myself and have just done my first ever spin class - though I'll wait until the morning after before I decide whether it's going to be my last!

GymJam and Speedo Fit app promo assets online on AiT website
We've just finished uploading all of our new Speedo Fit app promo assets to our website. Speedo has worked with us to produce banners of all different shapes and sizes to suit different needs. We've also transferred GymJam digital marketing materials onto our AiT website here - so they're all in one place if you need them - -  You can download the ones you need or if you want everything just download the complete zip file for each app. If you've got any custom requirements just let us know and we'll do our best to help.


Active in Time API
For those of you currently using our free iFrame embeddable timetable service who may be interested in a more flexible layout for timetabling in the future, we have a new optional paid for API service available. This means we can provide you or your web developers with API access to your Active in Time timetable data.

It might be particularly relevant for you if you are redeveloping your website or you are looking to make your websites more adaptive for the array of tablet and mobile devices now browsing your sites.

Do let us know if you'd like any further details, costs are monthly and based on number of sites and are available on request. Here's an example of a recent API implementation from one of our clients Aquaterra Leisure - see example here

Weekly Operator Reports
Operators who've been with us since Splashpath days will remember we used to send you weekly reports with details of numbers of favourites, top sites and sessions used - see example here

We're now looking at resurrecting these weekly reports and we'll keep you updated about this.

Being a web based service we always like hearing from you so drop me a line if we can help you with anything at all.



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