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18 Days. 8 hours each day. 144 hours. This is the time one needs to invest to become a Krav Maga Coach/Instructor

The requirements for the KMIC program are 2 years of Krav Maga training, a black belt in a martial art, or a background in combat sports. These requirements serve as a baseline to ensure the practitioner has had time to refine their technique, and to gain exposure to different teaching and coaching techniques and methodologies.

To transition from practitioner to coach/instructor requires a deep understanding of communication and enhancing EQ (emotional intelligence). Here at Tactica, we value the abilities to communicate, read body language, understand what drives a diverse collection of students, read the energy in a room, and lead a class full of students to a better place (while producing results).

The road to becoming a coach is a road to self growth as well. A practitioner begins to become more conscious of themselves. Not only more conscious of their needs and drive on physical level, but on a mental level as well. At Tactica, we understand that to coach others is to coach the self.

Physical skill and ability, alone, are not enough. Mental skills and abilities, alone, are not enough. There must be a balance between the two. For Tactica instructors, we do not reach the "final goal" in those 18 days because there is no "finish line" to growth, but we do begin to make the right wheels turn.
Even if one is not looking to become a Krav Maga coach or instructor, they can still reap the benefits of the intensive seminar process. The process pushes far beyond rank, far beyond physical skills - it is a process of training oneself to become a leader, and this is a skillset applicable to many other branches of life.
Congratulations to all of you who pushed yourselves this year, whether in our Krav Maga Instructor Certification Program or in our daily classes. Your hard work and dedication to the training process will pay off in more ways than you may imagine.

Push yourself. Keep your goals high. 


Danny Zelig

Upcoming August Events:
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* Tactica Gyms Closed Monday 9/4/17 in Observance of Labor Day *

* Graduate Training Intensive in New York Begins 9/6/17 *

* Applied Tactical Shooting (Pistol) 9/16/17 * 

* STOP! Women's Self Defense: De-escalating Creeps is SOLD OUT (contact us to register for waiting list) *

* Applied Tactical Shooting: Intermediate Pistol 9/20/17 *

* Pistol 101 (with Simunition) 9/30/17 *

* "Free Months of Training" Promo Deal Ends 9/30/17 *

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