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“Taken away illegally by force for the purpose of ransom, rape, or murder”.

While the majority of kidnapping victims are children, the fact is that adults are kidnapped as well all over the world. The act itself can happen at random, or be a well-executed plan - by using immediate, physical force, or by luring a victim strategically into a trap. Predators can be very sophisticated, working in teams and using drugs and other means of diversion.

Act fast. It is natural for our brain to slow everything down and hesitate, to attempt to understand what is happening to our bodies. But in these instances, hesitation is deadly. Hesitation kills.

A kidnapping victim does not have much time to figure things out. They need to act, and act immediately! The time that one has to react and prevail is very short and a victim’s options are limited. If the victim finds themselves already in a kidnapper's car, house, or place of hiding, it is already too late. This is why we focus on those moments involved in the “taking”.

To learn how to break free of handcuffs or zip ties is not very practical. Don't trust viral video instructions with your life. The focus of our training is to develop the ability to avoid or prevail at the point of attack, not to learn to escape. Your chances of a successful escape are very low when someone has planned to keep you captive, regardless of the flashy Hollywood movies that would have us all believe otherwise.
We train not to learn how to fight, but to learn how to reduce the chance of—or to avoid altogether—violent situations. The drills we practice at Tactica have been developed over the years to equip both civilians and professionals alike with the tools they need to avoid and prevail in these situations.

Among these training scenarios are kidnapping situations. Everyone should train these scenarios, regardless of age or physical shape – not only to prevent this awful thing from happening to oneself, but also to protect loved ones and to teach them the value of self defense training.
So that may one walk in peace.
Danny Zelig

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