Krav Maga for the Military

Originally, Krav Maga was created to prepare a soldier for face to face combat on the battlefield. If a fight is viewed along a timeline (from all the time in the world to no time) face to face is a critical and brutal moment for a soldier.  Therefore, the techniques must be direct and aggressive in order to increase the likelihood of success. 

But techniques are just a strategic expression of a soldiers will to survive. Without will, a solider stands little chance of survival. How then, can a solider’s will be enhanced and improved?

In general, most people are born with the same level of will. What changes our will (either strengthening or weakening it) is the social and physical environments in which we grow up.

For soldiers, Krav Maga is a vehicle to develop the mental strength in order to perform to the best of their abilities in order to prevail and win in combat.    
A focused and clear mindset geared towards the completion of specific tasks. This mental training is equally applicable to life outside the military.

The goals of civilian self defense may differ greatly from the goals of face to face military combat, but the techniques, will to survive, and mental training are part of both systems. We at Tactica stress the importance of mindset training in addition to the training of techniques and physical skills. Imagine how beneficial this mental strength and ability can impact our daly lives on and off the mat?

Train smart, train hard, and grow,


Upcoming Events

 January 5:           Military Krav Maga Seminar              
February 8:          Tactical Intensive with Kfir Cohen (point shooting)
February 9:          Tactical Intensive with Kfir Cohen (CQB & Home Invasion)
February 10:        Tactical Intensive with Kfir Cohen (Bodyguard & Cars)
March 17:             
Anti Kidnapping Seminar
April 27 - May5:   Krav Maga Origin (tour & train in Israel)

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