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In honor of the special U.S. tradition of creating special offers for the day after Thanksgiving, we at Tactica have created three special "Black Friday thru Cyber Monday" offers for you.

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Black Friday Offer 1: $500 off the all-new Tactica Prime VIP Membership

The first special offer is extra special. because it marks the launch of our all-new Tactica VIP Program: Tactica Prime.

Until today, Tactica's yearly VIP membership offered VIP members unlimited access to all Tactica programs (Krav Maga, Combat Cardio, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Functional Fitness) and 20% discounts on all special seminars (Applied Tactical Shooting, Armed Intruder Response, etc) and gear.
However, as of today, when you join Tactica’s new VIP pro
program, you get you A LOT more.

Specifically, along with unlimited access to all standard Tactica programs, and 20% discounts on special seminars and gear, we have created three all-new half-day special topic seminars that are available ONLY to VIP members.

The three seminars are:

  • Third-Party/VIP Protection: Most of the skills you learn in class focus on defending yourself. But what do you do when it's your loved one under attack? In this Tactica Prime workshop, you'll learn how to engage threats and protect your loved ones, friends, and other VIPs when you're not the one being attacked
  • Anti-Kidnapping & Countering Weapons. Here, you'll develop the techniques, tactics, and mindset necessary to defend yourself against would-be kidnappers and armed attackers. You'll also focus on defenses against blunt weapons, knives, handguns, and rifles.
  • Ground Fighting for Survival & The Street. One of the core principles of Krav Maga is never go to the ground. But what are the best ways to react if you find yourself there? In the third and final Tactica Prime Seminar of 2018, you'll spend a half-day learning ground fighting technique for survival and street fight situations, including countering takedowns, attacking from the ground, and dealing with experienced grapplers.

Along with your "Prime-only" seminars, your Prime membership gets you one complimentary 50-minute private coaching session with Danny.
In your 1:1 coaching session, Danny will learn your goals, determine the areas of focus that will create the highest positive impact across your life, and design a customized training program for you to follow (inside and outside of the gym).
For example: one private client of Danny’s started out weighing 230 lbs, had poor range of motion, could barely jump rope for 5 minutes without getting exhausted, and spent way too much time inside his own head.
After 90 days of working with Danny, that client was down to 194 lbs, could able to place both palms on the floor, and has reported dramatic improvements in his focus, physical confidence, and situational awareness.
Before today, an annual Tactica VIP membership was $2100/year.
With the addition of these exclusive new special focus seminars and the 1:1 session with Danny, the full price of the new Tactica Prime VIP membership will be $3000 after this special offer expires on Monday.
However, if you enroll in your 2018 VIP membership before 12:00am midnight Pacific Time on Cyber-Monday (November 28th), you can get your VIP membership for $2500/year.

Enroll in the new Tactica Prime VIP program today.

Black Friday Offer 2: $300 Off Tactica's "Krav Maga Origin" Training in Israel Package

From April 28th-May 5th, 2018, Danny will be leading a unique 7-day training program in Israel.
When you attend this special intensive training, you’ll learn many of the most important high-level Krav Maga skills, including live-fire Applied Tactical Shooting.
And you’ll learn all of it at the IMI Academy, the exact same training facility where many of Israel’s elite special forces and counter-terrorism units go to learn and refine their combat skills.
And between your training sessions, you’ll get a taste of Israel’s culture and history, including guided tours of Israel’s historic sites, and two complimentary meals a day.
Normally, your investment in this special Krav Maga Origins training would be $3500 (not including your flight), which covers your training, room, and board (2 meals a day).
But if you enroll before midnight on Cyber-Monday, you get the special training for $3200.


Black Friday Offer 3: $1500 Off Tactica Prime + Krav Maga Origin Training in Israel

Our third and final Black Friday-Cyber Monday Offer combines the the first two offers into a single package for $5000. To recap, this package includes:

The All-New 2018 Tactica Prime VIP Membership
  • Unlimited access to all standard Tactica programs: Krav Maga, Krav Maga, Combat Cardio, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Functional Fitness
  • 3 “VIP Only” Special Topic Seminars: Third Party Protection, Anti-Kidnapping Defense, and Ground Fighting For Survival
  • A 50-minute 1:1 coaching session with Danny, including a customized training program to follow inside and outside the gym.
  • 20% off all special Tactica seminars: Applied Tactical Shooting, Armed Intruder Response, Knife Fighting, etc
  • 20% off all Tactica gear and training equipment.
The 7-Day Krav Maga Origins Training in Israel
  • 7 Days of High-Level Krav Maga Training
  • Live-Fire Applied Tactical Shooting Training
  • Exclusive access to the IMI Academy, where many of Israel’s elite special forces units train.
  • Tours of Israel’s historical sites
  • Room and board for your stay (2 meals/day)
After midnight on Monday, your investment in these two programs would be $3000 for a year of Tactica Prime VIP and  $3500 for the Krav Maga Origins training, for a total of $6500.
However, if you invest in this package today, you get both the new Tactica Prime VIP Membership and the Krav Maga Origins training for only $5,000.

<<First Name>>, We at Tactica wish you and your loved ones the bestduring this holiday season, and we look forward to seeing your face in the new year. Stay safe and warm, and we will see you soon!


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