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One of the main rules of negotiations is to let the other person speak more than you do.


The more one speaks, the more complicated they get. The more complicated they get, the more mistakes they will make by saying the wrong things- saying what they had not intended to say, things that they want to keep for themselves. Because they realize they are speaking about things that should not be revealed, they lose their train of thought.  


Many times, more is less - and loud is scared. Negotiations can take place in the context of business matters, relationships, job interviews,  or de-escalation attempts. Knowing how to keep things simple is actually a very complex concept. Simplicity is an art. It is a focused mind, set only onto the most important and immediate needs by filtering out all the rest. Simplicity and clarity come together in the negotiation process, and their presence indicates a higher sense of consciousness.


It is so easy to be distracted. Distraction can be caused by emotions - fear, happiness, the uncertainty caused by a lack of self-confidence, the maintenance of an ego, by factors in a person’s immediate environment, and by much more. It is also very easy to get distracted by physical pain. You will not be surprised to learn that an aching tooth, pinched nerve, neck or lower back pain, or even the urgent or nagging need to use the restroom can take a person out of focus during an entire negotiation or interaction.


These days, we are all conditioned to keep ourselves in a perpetual out-of-focus state. More than ever before we watch TV, scroll continuously on our tablets or phones, and text or talk all at the same time. Some will claim that this is evidence of our multi tasking skills, but I personally think that we do  a bit of everything and a lot of nothing.  


Some people are born with a higher sense of focus and simplicity in their approach to life, and some are born with less. But all of us can improve this skill: to live in the moment, highly aware and functional.


Is it possible to build those skills from a state of “little to nothing”?

Yes, it is. There are a lot of drills and routines that specifically work to improve focus and a personal sense of simplicity.


Training in Krav Maga is different from other styles of martial arts, because Krav Maga does not have complicated techniques. Krav Maga addresses complicated scenarios which are dealt with clarity and simplicity as much as possible.


At Tactica we are clear on our mission: mental and physical skills first, techniques after.


May your new year be fruitful, creative, positive, and happy.

Stay simple. Be clear.


Upcoming January 2018 Events:

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* January 7: Pistol 101 (Non-lethal Training Ammunition) - No previous experience required! (Santa Clara)

* January 13: Active Recovery Techniques Workshop with Jennifer Nelson, DC. (Santa Clara)

* January 20: Applied Tactical Shooting (ATS): Intermediate Pistol. (Santa Clara)

* January 21: STOP! Women's Self Defense: On the Ground. (Oakland) 

* January 21: Krav Maga Weapons Defense Seminar. Tactica Prime VIP Exclusive. (Santa Clara)

* January 27: Practitioner Level 1 (P1) Promotional Test. (Oakland)

February 3: Applied Tactical Shooting (ATS) in San Francisco!



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