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Here we are again, witnessing another mass shooting that has taken 17 souls from this world and left many injured - both physically and mentally. For many law enforcement (LE) agencies, the “writing was on the wall” long before the atrocities of that day occurred.
I would like to talk not about the reasons that nothing was done ahead of time or about another person who was flying under the “radar” of LE authorities. Instead, I would like to talk about how we, the regular civilians on the street, can deal with such things without relying upon others. Can we be prepared and prevent these things from happening?
The answer is YES. We don’t need to be special forces, super heroes or martial artists in order to know what to do and to be effective. Executing a perfect spinning kick or being a great sharp shooter will not save the day when a terrible thing of such magnitude happens.

Below is a list of self-training pointers that will increase your safety on a day-to-day basis:
  1. Learn and pay attention to your routine. By doing so you will be aware of anything that falls outside of that “normal” routine.
  1. Be aware of your surroundings: Pay attention to your home, workplace, parking areas, hangout spots, etc. in order to be aware of escape routes, hiding places, and common objects available to use for self-defense should the need arise.
  1. Be active, not passive. When you notice something is not right, communicate that fact with other people and local law enforcement.
  1. Visualization training: “What if?”  Once every few months, sit at home or work, while training, etc. and imagine what you would do if a particular attack or threatening situation happened right at that very moment.  This method of training increases your awareness and proves to be very effective.
  1. Participate in available training when possible.
Remember, no type of training can guarantee 100% effectiveness or positive outcome - but taking action and initiative is always better than waiting for the day you might need that training.
Be safe.

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