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Some train to learn new and cool techniques, some train to learn how to fight.
I do not believe in training for either of these. Not for myself, and not for my practitioners. If I were to carry the mindset that I train to fight, I will engaged in a mental process that will reach its goal. In other words: the fight will find its way to me.
What is the goal in this? What am I trying to achieve by fighting?
Our physical actions are the expression of our sub-conscience. If my actions are not clear to me, this lack of clarity can lead to destructive behavior. We fight.
Fighting becomes a method to express anger and rage, frustration and imbalance.  When we decide we want to fight, it means we want to express our action through some period of time.
I want to hurt, break, teach or accommodate my ego in any form.
Here at Tactica, we do not train people to fight, we train to solve a problem in the best way possible.
We drill technique as options, or tools, that we may use to reach our goal. But the main thing here is this mindset: We do not fight, we put an end to a problem.
So that may one walk in peace.
Danny Zelig

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* October 7 - Foam Rolling Workshop (Techniques for Performance)

* October 9 - 6 Week SPEC Morning Boot Camp Begins in Oakland

* October 11 - ATS: Tactical Rifle (MilSim)

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* November 4 - Pistol 101 (Non-lethal Training Ammunition)

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