September Newsletter

Oh, hello there. I hope you haven't forgotten about us, because we certainly haven't forgotten you! Our newsletter went silent for a few months but we've been quite busy in the meanwhile.

First and foremost, we have a lot of congratulations to share! We are very proud of our hardworking team, members, and friends. Here are some of the highlights:

We just wrapped our 2016 Krav Maga Instructor Certification program last week. Please join us in welcoming the new Tactica Krav Maga Institute certified instructors! Congratulations! You worked very hard over the 18 day KMIC program, and your efforts paid off. Keep up your training and keep on advancing your skills!
We wish our very best to Cal, William, and Stan on taking the next big step in their careers as they move out of the San Francisco Bay Area and explore new opportunities. You're going to do great in your new endeavors! We will miss you!

Congratulations to Josh Carvalho (CO) on achieving his Expert-Civilian rank during the August Graduate Training Intensive at our Santa Clara HQ. This is a huge accomplishment and we are very proud of you! Josh demonstrated true fighting spirit, and we were impressed by your mental and physical fortitude despite the strenuous 4 days of training and testing.

Congratulations to our Tactica BJJ team! Several of our members have won medals in area competitions. Oss! Best of luck to everyone competing in the upcoming NAGA tournament!

Congratulations to all of our members and friends that tested from all over the US and across all levels from Practitioner to Expert so far this year! Testing is a great way to check in on your progress, and help advance your training. We are very proud of all your hard work! Keep it up.

In Remembrance: Joel Griffin

The Tactica family is devastated by the loss of Joel Griffin, founder of Griffin Fitness. Joel has been a long time friend of Tactica all the way back to its Berkeley Krav Maga days on Ashby. A close friend and personal trainer for Danny, he believed in Tactica with all his heart, and even collaborated with Danny to create SPEC (Specialized Program for Exercise and Combat), which you now see daily and across the country.

Joel went the extra mile for our members and staff, and his generosity and care was instrumental on a personal level for many of us. He was an animal lover and an exceptionally caring person, dedicated to his friends and community. He has touched and changed countless people. His smiling face and positive energy were taken from this world entirely too soon. We already miss you, Joel, and always will.

Upcoming Events

Sep 25 STOP! Women's Self Defense: Public Transportation San Francisco
Oct 1 React. Gun Defense Seminar Santa Clara HQ
Oct 3 New Class: Functional Mobility Santa Clara HQ
Oct 8-9 Tactical Point Shooting: Pistol 1 & 2 Fairfield
Oct 10 Tactical Point Shooting: Tactical Rifle Fairfield
Oct 10 SPEC Morning Boot Camp: New series begins! Oakland
Nov 11-13 Winter Camp in the Rockies Estes Park, CO

See the full Upcoming Event calendar online.

Tactical Point Shooting with Kfir Cohen (Israel)

Live Fire Tactical Shooting returns to Tactica Professional Training Division with Pistol 1 & 2 and Tactical Rifle. Register now to secure your spot with expert firearms instructor Kfir Cohen (Israel)!

Tactica Krav Maga in Our Community

Tactica takes pride in offering opportunities to train to members of our community, especially children and those who have survived violence or trauma. In June, Tactica San Francisco held a self defense and empowerment workshop for the women of SF Safe House and we hope to offer more lessons for them in the future.
We also hosted the Military Veterans' Organization Team RWB for a Krav Maga class in Oakland and we look forward to working with more organizations in the future!

Learn more about a few more of the foundations we have supported in the last year!
Train all day and sit by the fire at night at November Winter Camp in Estes Park, Colorado! Situated in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, this weekend camp includes room, board, and all workshops.
Tentative workshops include: Tactical Training, Krav Maga Stick Fighting, Active Shooter, RKC Kettlebell, MMA/BJJ, and Water Training - Registration is now open!

More Boxing in SC

In January, Tactica Boxing launched in Santa Clara with IBA Super Flyweight Champion “The Aloha Kid” Bruno Escalante and the classes keep growing! Bruno offers boxing and conditioning classes Monday thru Thursday evenings and has an early morning class on Tuesdays & Thursdays!

SPEC Boot Camp in Oakland

Oakland Tactica members: Get ready to start your days off by breaking a sweat and getting ready for the holidays with Fall SPEC Morning Boot Camp. 6 Week Program 6:30AM M/W/F begins October 10th!

Member of the Month: Carlton M.

Carlton M. has been part of the Tactica Krav Maga Institute community and has been taking Krav Maga with Danny since 2007! He also practiced Muay Thai in Thailand with Tactica's own Ed Kressy (SF). Carlton is a regular at Oakland's noon classes and we are grateful to have Carlton in the Tactica family!

Functional Mobility in SC

Beginning in October, the Functional Mobility class will help you improve your mobility by combining techniques that emphasize optimal joint positioning, proper diagphragmatic  breathing and joint stability. Open to all Tactica members!

After Action Report: July ITPS

ITPS Pistol 3, ITPS Advanced Pistol,  and ITPS Combative Pistol  July 8-10, 2016. Israeli Tactical Point Shooting (ITPS) courses consistently offer students the opportunity to receive technical instruction to increase accuracy and safety. Students trained for three days in advanced tactical pistol techniques and drilled those techniques home under pressure in the final force-on-force MilSim drill! Sign up now for our October Tactical Shooting courses so that you can progress to the next set of advanced seminars.
Have you seen our latest event videos? Check these out and stay tuned for more!

Check out a clip from the sold out Armed Intruder Response: Home Invasion full day course. Attendees learned how to defend against home intruders with various levels of difficulty. They learned basic safe gun handling for self defense and use of common objects, applying those skills in our advanced Tactical Training Facility.

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