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Writers must have other things to do with their hands than just write, I once heard an author say. No wonder I've been in the backyard so much these past weeks, getting ready to plant dwarf fruit trees. My family and I have also been in the kitchen a lot, canning summer goodness—often with the help of this great book whose recipes we've been loving: <>

Then again, my hands have been doing just as much revising and writing as they have pruning and digging. I recently finished revision on Forever the Road, the first novel in the Rucksack Universe series.

** Rucksack Universe **

In Forever the Road, three travelers in India battle their hearts and their destinies as an awakened evil prepares to destroy all life.
The manuscript just came back from my Chief Reader and soon goes to Beta Readers and an editor. In a future update I'll let you know when I expect to release the novel in print and as an e-book. More here: <>
I'm also outlining and drafting a second novella (set after the events of The Martini of Destiny), and will talk about that more in October.
Now for that espresso stout.

** Escape Hatch **

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** Craft Beer & Homebrew **

I mentioned that I was going to share an amazing espresso stout with you.
As you probably know, I live in Eugene, Oregon. Our "Brewgene" local area is home to about 150,000 people and, at last count, 217,503 breweries. OK, more like 10... 11... 12... (more are in the works every time I turn around). As you see, there's a lot of brewing happening for a place this size.
One brewery, Oakshire Brewing, puts out one of my favorite beers. Overcast Espresso Stout has, I kid you not, the equivalent of about a shot of espresso per pint, plus rich roasted flavors, tame hops and a nice sharp refreshing bite. You can learn more about it here (and full disclosure, they're a past client):

** Content & Marketing **

In August I attended the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, Oregon. My goal this year was to continue evolving my marketing chops, especially when it came to the not-really-new, ever-more-important, still-not-really-understood Google+.
Boy howdy did I come away with some knowledge.
Google+ is powerful, growing and engaging. Plus, you know, it's Google. Here are 2 reasons to give Google+ higher priority in your marketing:
  1. When people say they want your content, you don't have to pay for them to actually see your content (unlike a certain social network whose name rhymes with "took")
  2. The quality of features and conversations is like bringing in the best attributes of Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc., all within the sphere of Google, the most important search company on the planet for your organization.
No matter how shallow or deep you want to dig in to Google+, I recommend this excellent guide from Martin Shervington. Videos and blog posts guide you step by step through every facet of this powerful social network:
What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide

** One More Thing **

I wanted to ask about getting your help with something.
The first e-book novella in my Rucksack Universe travel fiction series is out now. The Martini of Destiny has been getting strong reviews, such as “hard not to keep the pages turning,” “funny without overreaching,” and “reminiscent of Terry Pratchett [and] Neil Gaiman” (not exactly company I'm sorry to be mentioned with).
Learn more and buy The Martini of Destiny for your e-reader:
Main Page + Global Stores <>
If you've already purchased The Martini of Destiny, thank you! I hope that when you're done you'll review it at your favorite online bookstore (even a sentence or two is a big help).

** Closing Time**

See you next month, and as always, thank you for your time and support.
That's the news from the Rucksack Universe, where the beer is always fresh, all the locals are friendly, and the food never makes you sick.
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