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Good Food Month Oyster Classes    
October 14 and 28. 6-8 pm
Welcome to the 15th Oyster Classes with our long-time partners at The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay.   

You’ll go home armed with a new oyster vision, an awareness of our world class native oysters and tips on how to enjoy restaurant quality oysters at home. We’re on a mission to redefine their salty succulence and banish the pre-shuck, tap-rinsed disgrace!

For bookings call The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay on (02) 9518 9011.

The Age Good Food Guide 2015 Awards
Congratulations again to Andrew McConnell, Citi Chef of the Year. 

Our Moonlight brands feature at all Andrew’s restaurants, a platinum endorsement.

And Supernormal won New Restaurant of the Year—congratulations Todd Moses and Andrew.

For an updated list of Chef partners genuinely committed to oyster excellence with our brands, click here.

Welcome on board Moonlight oysters in Brisbane
Fastest delivery ever—just a few hours from the water to the restaurant! Clever logistics convinced us to enter our fourth interstate market (plus the ACT) and the response to our level of freshness is incredible. Thanks to special arrangements with Qantas we beat our own expectations of fresh delivery. 


You can now enjoy our exclusive Moonlight range with chefs Jake Nicholson smashing them out at Blackbird on Riverside Drive (above left), Ben Williamson pumping Moonlight angasis at Gerard’s Bistro at Fortitude Valley (above right) and Philip Johnson and Sam Brading at the legendary e’cco in Boundary Street.

And it's a big Hello Hello to Hotel Hotel, Temporada and Aubergine in the ACT…
Great to have the three chefs championing our exclusive oyster brands from just over the Clyde Mountain, 90 minutes fresh from our lease.

Global glimpses...

Oyster condition: fact or fiction?
Ever had a debate about 'best oyster condition'? It's a convenient myth embedded in industry thought bubbles, usually involving money. We want to share with you this oyster box sign in La Rochelle fresh market which captures it all— ‘non-milky condition’—as a selling point.

You can follow my myth buster article in Australian Gourmet Traveller here.

Oysters of Venice?

In a word: non! We think these are feral gigas colonising the tidal band in the Grand Canal. Considering what goes into the Venetian canals, you shouldn’t think about it too much! Italy imports most of its oysters from France.

However we did see some spectacular seafood displays in the markets in all things Italian there's a bit of extra care in presentation.

Moonlight's Oishi Oysters: Tokyo team seeks Clair de Lunes           

We had a visit by a Japanese team from the Fish House Oyster Bars in Ebisu and Ebisu West, which just happened to be familiar territory. They particularly wanted to get first-hand ideas of Moonlight brands for export to Tokyo. Great to crank up the Nihongo once again, so desu ne.

Picpoul—our journey of oyster passion

Two new chapters opened recently. The first was our observation how embedded picpoul has become in London’s oyster scene. Here’s proof on the blackboard at the extremely popular St John Bread & Wine, which has its own house brand picpoul. And then Wright’s Oyster & Porter houses, in Borough Market and Spitalfields feature picpoul with oysters (picture below shows their native flat oysters). For the first time, we will cover the sad history of British oyster production in the upcoming Oyster Classes in October, see the first item in this newsletter for details.

The second chapter opened with Moonlight Flat Oyster Co spreading crushed oyster shell into our own picpoul vine beds at Cowra ready for commercial planting. This unique recycled preparation assists drainage, adds chemistry and lends resonance with the grapes' native Languedoc oyster terroir.


A final thought...
From Wright’s Oyster & Porter House in London...

Moonlight Flat Oysters® trademark information
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LeGrenier Farm
Welcome to LeGrenier Farm, our family grain farm set in the rolling granite country just above Cowra in the picturesque Lachlan Valley of New South Wales. LeGrenier Farm is driven with the same passion and care as our oyster brands. We aim to offer a complete portfolio of packaged cereals and legumes for the home and retail market, spanning a comprehensive do-it-yourself muesli selection. CLICK FOR MORE>>

Welcome to my September 2014 newsletter. This month...
  • Good Food Month Oyster Classes at The Boathouse
  • The Age Good Food Guide awards
  • Our brands in Brisbane
  • Moonlights in Canberra
  • Things to avoid in Venice
  • Japanese visitors to Moonlight Flat Oysters
  • Picpoul taking off
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