Motivational Minute



We are Always Protected

Hello <<First Name>>,

I want to tell you a little story recently that happened in my life.  This simple occurence opened my eyes and allowed me to see how we are watched over daily and never forgotten. 

It was a pretty typical day for me, other than the fact that I was to travel about an hour south to visit my neurologist's office for my routine MRI and semi-annual check up just to see how my MS was doing.  My husband had been out of town for three weeks but he had just gotten back to go with me and my children to this appointment, so it was a family adventure for us all. We traveled as expected to Salt Lake City with about an hour and a half drive planned.  There were no delays in traffic and all went well with my MRI and doctor's appointment.  I was pretty excited when the neurologist told me that there had been no progression shown in my MRI and that my disease looked pretty stable. (That is always great news for someone with a progressive disease like MS!) So you get the picture that all went great for me in Salt Lake.  We then got some dinner and were on our way back home, to Logan, Utah.  

At a stop that we made on our way home, we noticed a sound in our engine compartment.  The sound was only when we turned on our A/C so we just thought, "Well, we will get the looked at this week once after we get back.  No big deal."  We continued to drive home with no other hesitation.  We stopped at a local pharmacy once we got into town and while my husband went into the store, my son and I stayed in the van.  We continued to notice the noise so I turned off the engine.  We then went on our way to our house after we were done.  

Normally when we arrive home, we get my walker out for me, everyone gets out of the van and we go inside our home from our garage. Well for some reason on that specific evening, my children went in first and my husband told me he would be right back out to help me with my walker. When he came back to help me, we both noticed a strange smell and noticed smoke in the garage.  Needless to say, my husband immediately started the van, pulled in back into the driveway and popped the hood.  Our engine was on fire! He then ran to get the hose to pour water to extinguish the fire.  All I could think to myself was WOW!  Just think if that happened while we were driving or what if we did not notice the fire until we all were inside the house and our garage was on fire.  What if my husband was not back in town to help me in this situation?  I feel more than protected and I felt divine intervention in this scenario. 
Friends, we are always watched over.  There are miracles in each of our lives everyday, many of which go unnoticed and unseen.  Even in our darkest of hours, we can trust that we never walk alone.  I always think of the "footprints in the sand" and how it is often not our feet that carry us through the toughest of times.  No matter who we are, we each have our own types of fires in our lives.  We each have our trials and it is up to us to hold tightly to the hand of the One who is seeing us through it all.  Remember, we can and we must Triumph Through Trials.  

See you in another Motivational Minute.
Alyssa Audd