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It is time to celebrate YOU!

Ok, so in all reality, it is probably not your birthday and you are asking yourself what's the catch or whose birthday is it anyway, right?   

Well, I love the month of May and not only because it is my birthday this month, but also because it is when everything seems to come to life.  May brings warmer weather, everyone is getting out of school for the summer, our grills are firing up for the barbeques, and we are able to be outside an more active.  This time of year is a reminder for me to celebrate my life.  What a joyous opportunity it is to be alive on this earth at this time.  Honestly, I think we should celebrate our birthdays everyday in our hearts and not just on that one day every year.  It is indeed great to be alive!!  

I must admit though that there are those times when it is hard to celebrate life.  Trials and adversities are inevitable.  It seems to not be a matter of if they happen but rather a matter of when they happen.  A favorite thing that I say when I speak to others is that we should keep the outlook that we will Triumph Through Trials. (I even named my website after that thought!)  In all reality though, how do we do just that?  How can we make it through these trials we encounter in our lives and come out triumphant?  

I recently gave a talk to a large group of youth and the focus of my talk was based on arising and shining forth in this world.  I focused my topic about the trials that youth face and how they can better overcome these things.  (We all can look back and think to how hard it can be to be young.) One of the things I shared were some thoughts about helping others. This is one way to overcome our own problems.  Helping others helps us to arise out of ourselves and thus we are able to shine forth when we are of service to others. Service can get anyone out of the deepest and darkest of places.  I truly believe that one way that we can come out triumphant through the trials we face is to look to higher ground and help others that are in need.  I truly believe charity never fails so if there is ever a time when you are ever down, look to those around you and arise to the challenge to serve.  Even if it is as small as just sharing your smile or a listening ear, that can make all of the difference for someone. 

There are many other ways that we can overcome adversity.  In my life, I find that there are different ways for each trial that I face.  I just try to remember that the things that I go through give me much experience and can be for my good.  I know that as long as we keep a good attitude and positive perspective, we can come out on top and Triumph Through Trials.  Remember, it is a great day to be alive so be sure to be thankful for your birthday TODAY!

Take care of yourself and I will see you in another
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Celebrate YOU!
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