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About Mother Soup

The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic in South Africa and the ensuing lockdowns exacerbated an already serious hunger crisis in the country. Studies indicated that following the hard lockdown 23% of South African households reported hunger.

The hunger crisis brought about by the pandemic sparked the realization, with the owner of Woodstock Brewery, Andre Viljoen, that the large kettles used for brewing at Cape Town’s Woodstock Brewery could be repurposed for making soup in the City’s great time of need to provide nutritious meals to the ever-growing ranks of Cape Town’s hungry. And so the “Mother Soup” initiative was born. To date, more than 5 million meals have been prepared and delivered to the ever-growing ranks of Cape Town’s hungry, and those who need it most.

Mother Soup survives solely on generous donations from individuals and the private sector. The soup production facility has always been threatened with disruptions in its operations due to Covid. An outbreak of Covid at the facility could stop soup production, resulting in those in need not receiving the food they rely on.

Lumenlabs™, inspired by the Mother Soup story has donated its Lumenizer™ 300 light fixtures to kit out the facility to ensure soup production can continue even in this heightened state of precaution. These fixtures use new, leading-edge technology, developed by Columbia University in New York to ensure that the production environment is 99.9% free of all germs and pathogens.

Creating a “Safe-Zone” work environment to keep the soup flowing -- This represents potentially the very first application of FAR UVC technology in this manner not only in Africa but the World. Lumenlabs™ has provided the same technology to the Chinese Olympic Team and the China delegation during the 2021 Summer Games in Tokyo.

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Soon after it began making soup, Woodstock Brewery partnered with a long-time and reputable charity, the Great Commission United (GCU) as it was soon very clear that the rising ranks of those in need were increasing by the day.

In the last 18 months, the two have worked together (along with many other generous donors) to increase both the volume and distribution footprint for soup.

Today, the Mother Soup initiative providers on average 21,000 meals per day to the destitute and hungry all over the Mother City.

Using the Woodstock Brewery’s economies of scale, the Mother Soup initiative provides an average of 7,000 liters of soup per day (the equivalent of 21,000 meals). Given Woodstock’s high volume production facility, along with generous pricing and support from farmers, donations of transport and distribution, and volunteers to help make the soup. Woodstock can make soup for between R4-R6 per liter, less than R2 per meal (about US$ 13 cents per meal). Mother Soup is more than a bowl of soup; it’s a meal. The recipes are designed by certified nutritionists and chefs. With added protein and healthy fats, Mother Soup aimed to ensure that the soup was tasty while providing the calorific and nutritional equivalent of a healthy balanced meal.

The soup is normally served with bread, donated by Blue Ribbon as well as other food items such as peanut butter when available and depending upon funding and donations. All activities and costs not directly related to the making and distribution of our soup are covered by donations and volunteers. Unpaid volunteers also supplement the core staff of Woodstock and GCU who make, pack, and distribute the soup. That means every rand donated goes directly into the mouths of those who need it most.

Mother Soup is supported and run by GCU, a registered NPO, and PBO which has been in existence for 20 years.

Covid-Safe Working Zone
The Lumnizer 300

UVC lighting has been used as a germicidal for decades. However, it is only now that the technology can be used safely around humans and poses no threat to human tissue even after prolonged exposure.

This technological breakthrough was only discovered in 2018 by Dr. David Brenner (Dr. David Brenner -- Ted Talk) and only a few manufacturers have been able to translate this into safe, working products. Based on the ground-breaking research of Dr. David Brenner of Columbia University, our products will be effective at destroying pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, mold, and spores in everyday spaces SAFELY while people are present.

We envision a future where - Lumenizer LumenLabs and FAR UVC technology, became a building standard similar to smoke detectors. Private, public and government spaces will proudly display a Lumenizer safety seal similar to food safety seals, giving everyone confidence that where they live, work and play are safe.

The devastating Covid-19 pandemic caused millions of deaths and trillions of dollars in economic losses worldwide creating the urgent demand for safe, proactive disinfection and a growing market for these products. Used for decades, conventional germicidal UV light, emitting around 254nm, revolutionized modern medicine with a highly efficient means to disinfect unoccupied spaces like hospitals and surgical theaters, but is unsafe for human exposure.


Scientists have predicted that future viruses like COVID-19 will become more common, so the vaccine is a temporary and partial solution. Current methods and practices of sanitizing as well as solutions like masks, spray and wipe disinfectants, shields, and air filtration, are all partial solutions that are disruptive and inconsistent.

Prior to the invention of the Lumenizer 300, UVC solutions were not safe for use while people are present, This severely limited UVC applications, and no application was without risk.

But that is history. Now, with the Lumenizer 300, you can effectively and safely disinfect any workspace, play area, or living space with no effort at all. Proprietary Lumenlabs filtered far-UVC technology provides a clinically proven solution to inactivating dangerous airborne bacteria, viruses, and fungi without harm to human tissues. You will live, work, study and play with confidence in a safe and continuously disinfected environment.

Lumenlabsare provided with the best scientific advice from Dr. David J. Brenner, director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University, whose team discovered the groundbreaking safety of far-UVC 222nm applications.
Safe and effective, the revolutionary Lumenlabs excimer lamp features an exclusive, patent-pending nano-bandpass filter to block harmful UV wavelengths. Emitting an invisible 222nm filtered far-UVC light, the Lumenizer 300 provides continuous disinfection with a repeated virus inactivation rate of 99.99% achieved within 60 seconds.

The Lumenizer filter is permanently bonded. Based on tests in an internationally accredited lab, the Lumenizer device is classified as “exempt“on its IEC 62471 report. Proprietary Lumenlabs far-UVC technology features a bandpass filter that blocks harmful UV wavelengths but allows human-safe 222nm UV wavelengths to pass through.

Lumenizer 300 bulbs emit an invisible light that effectively inactivates deadly pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2 viruses, bacteria, mold, and spores in everyday spaces while people are present.

Features and Benefits include:

Safe & Efficient, Easy Installation, Replaceable Bulb, Adjustable Angle, Ceiling & Wall Mount, Continuous Disinfection, Automated, Ozone Neutral, Mercury Free, an Instant Start, and many more.

The Vision - Mother City Kitchen.

A lease for a new factory facility, or “Mother City Kitchen”, has been signed. This site will be dedicated to large-scale permanent fresh food production is currently under construction. Dramatic distribution efficiencies are anticipated from the new facility as well as a wider variety of other low-cost menu options.

The production facility will provide scalability both in terms of operating additional shifts and in terms of scope for expansion of the production capability. The facility will also serve as a blueprint for other similar operations, both locally and internationally.

We have learned about the massive efficiencies that can be achieved through large-scale cooking and with an ever-improving (and growing) distribution network becoming a meaningful efficient and effective large-scale provider of nutrition.

From Vision to Reality

GCU is seeking funding assistance with factory fit-out costs estimated to a total of R3-million as well as ongoing operational costs.

Operations will cost R300 000 per month and in return will provide an estimated 250 000 nutritious meals delivered hot to those who need it most.

We believe that volumes could increase at significantly greater efficiency.

We need your support to continue our work in the Mother City. To get involved with this life-changing initiative, please contact

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Do not miss the mother Soup-Covid-Safe Open House 6&7 Oct from 10h00 to 12h30. This will be a virtual as well as a live event offering first-hand intel on the safest soup kitchen in the world. Due to Covid regulations space is limited. Please RSVP to book your spot for our fantastic launch!

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