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June 24, 2013
Dear PCG Members!

Viewing figures for our newsletters seem fairly low so I'm trying a more back to basics approach to get the latest information out to you.

I'm sure that many of you who follow our social networking accounts and the PCG Today blog will already know most of these things but for those that would like a recap and those who don't follow our networking here is a short round up:

Partners in Crafts
Many small crafters work from home, either by choice or because of an illness. This can sometimes mean that you spend long hours alone and are in need of communication and support.

At the PCG we offer a ‘Partners in Crafts’ scheme where you can join our list and be grouped with two other members (from different crafts). This gives you an opportunity to offer and receive support and also to aid in promotion of your fellow partners.

In my own experience it is always much harder to promote yourself than other people so this should enable extra marketing for all concerned.

If you would like to join our scheme please complete the form on our site here

Our new Pinterest Boards
We now have a Pinterest account and have pin boards for various things, events, workshops etc. We also have a members boards for YOU to pin your products too. This is great promotion so if you have a Pinterest account please let us know your username (and email as sometimes it won't let me add by username) so that you can be added to the board.

The various boards are also embedded into the PCG website.

New Membership Options
In April this year we released a few more membership options. You can find more detail for each of these on our website here

Our new options are:
  • Standard Membership for the Professional Crafter
  • Premium Membership for the Professional Crafter
  • Standard Craft Supplier Membership
  • Premium Membership for Craft Suppliers.
Until 31st July 2013 we are also offering a discounted rate for new members and current members to upgrade to the Premium Option if you own a WowThankYou store.
WowThankYou is one of our Premium Supplier Members and is a great place to sell your creations on an online Marketplace.

PCG Today
Every day a blog post will be available which includes most of the activity within the PCG during that day. It is posted to the PCG Facebook page at 5pm every day.
To be included in the PCG Today blog post please email us any news you have or even better post and interact with our Facebook Page and Twitter account.
It's always great to see what you have all been up to.

I think that about wraps it up for now. Remember that you can always contact me either by email or through Facebook, twitter etc.

All my best,

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