Laugh Fest 2014: Are you LOL and ROFL yet?
Come Play In The Dark!

May 24 - 26
"it enthralled small children, and reduced strong men to tears" -

Romance and the Loser

May 24 - 25

"Ia ditulis begitu dekat dengan generasi hari ini dengan penggunaan bahasa mudah serta jalan cerita menarik dengan pelbagai kisah yang sering dialami dalam kehidupan seharian.” - Utusan Online

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Who killed Isabel Fernandez?

May 30 - June 14

This Malaysian production of the world's longest-running comedy play combines up-to-the-minute improvisational humour and a mixture of audience sleuthing!



Review from The Star

May 14 - June 1
"brilliant performance... [Jordan] Edmeades, with his imposing height and put-upon expressions, is a dead ringer for a young Cleese... a pure delight. Karen Hamilton, meanwhile, gets Sybil’s simpering smile and bossy manner down pat, including that classic, high-pitched “Baaasil!” that stops him in his tracks. And as the hapless Manuel, Reczek brings the perfect combination of physical comedy and hilarious word-play. Particularly impressive are their improvisational skills, with each of them making conversation or reacting to the audience perfectly in character."

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Acts Church
Christian Church Service for non-Muslims
May 25, June 1, 8, 22, 29

Puppy Training
Learn to speak "dog" at this unique off-leash socialisation and training programme over six Sunday morning classes for you & your young furry kid!

New term begins June 29, 2014
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