An ad industry watchdog group has asked Comcast to rein in its bragging.
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To Xfinity and beyond: You may have seen Comcast’s ads claiming that its broadband “delivers the fast internet in America,” but now an industry watchdog group is asking the company to stop being so braggy.

Love, true love: Walmart's CEO explains why the company spent $3 billion to buy the money-losing

Not cool: Yelp and TripAdvisor are none too pleased with Google’s new search feature because it shoves their restaurant reviews further down on the page.

Stuck in the past: McDonald’s is switching to 100% antibiotic free McNuggets and buns made without high fructose corn syrup, so why hasn’t it removed artificial preservatives from the Big Mac’s special sauce?

It's baaack: A new appeal has revived the argument over who owns the copyright to a monkey’s selfie.

“The way I think to describe it is ‘occasional hysterical laughing.’ “ — Winner of signup contest after finding out he's worth millions now that Walmart is buying the company, talking to Bloomberg.

"Had the Monkey Selfies been made by a human using Slater’s unattended camera, that human would undisputedly be declared the author and copyright owner of the photographs.” — Copyright appeal on behalf of macaque Naruto, the monkey who took a now-famous selfie.
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