Boomerang bags are getting closer...
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Sewing bees are happening
Our wonderful volunteers have been busy producing boomerang bags and learning new skills along the way. There are now a number of people who know how to screen print and everyone is getting better at sorting and cutting fabrics.

There's been a full day sewing bee at Kyneton Community & Learning Centre (co-supporter of this initiative) and a shorter one at BUPA. Next week is the first one at RM Begg. It's so great being out in the community doing this stuff.

If you've never sewn before, or have limited experience or skill, please come along anyway. As many volunteers are asking for pre-cut kits to sew at home our "sewing" bees mostly involve sorting and cutting fabric, printing and ironing (mostly to set the ink on the logo).

If you'd like more background on the Boomerang Bag initiative in Australia and worldwide, check out their website or you can find lots of links on Facebook.

The bags are made from donated fabric and upcycled clothing and linen. Donations of fabric and linen are already coming in, and we've also received a number of sewing machines, overlockers and irons. If you know someone who could help us service these machines, we'd love some help with this.

For our sewing bees, come for the whole session or just a while. Sewing machines, scissors, etc. are available or bring your own. No sewing experience is needed and there are lots of fun jobs including cutting fabric, ironing, pinning and screen printing. Kids are welcome.

Regular sewing bees will be hosted by BUPA and RM Begg and monthly weekend sessions are also available.

Upcoming sewing bees:
Thursday 18th May – 9.30 to 12 noon – RM Begg (every third Thursday of the month)
Sunday 21st May – 1 to 4 pm – KCLC
Wednesday 24th May – 9.30 am to 3 pm – KCLC
Thursday 8th June – 1 to 3 pm – BUPA (every second Thursday of the month)

If these days don’t suit please contact the group as sewing bees will be scheduled to suit everyone and further partnerships with schools and other community groups will be welcome.

For more information find us on Facebook, email or call KCLC on 5422 3433.
Community Produce Swap - this weekend -
Joined by Riddells Creek Seed Savers
There continues to be lots of swapping happening, although it might be a bit slower this Saturday as the autumn chill slows our gardens down a bit. We'd love to see what you have and have a chat.

Riddells Creek Seed Savers group will be joining us again so come along and find out more about seed saving and grab yourself some local seeds to suit our climate.

Bring your produce along on the second Saturday of the month to the Kyneton Farmers’ Market or just drop in for a chat about what's going on around Kyneton and especially in our gardens.
Garden workshops continuing in May
Our Kyneton Community Gardening team are already underway with a big month of gardening workshops in May to take advantage of our (usually) wonderful autumn weather.
We've already covered wicking beds and composting/compost tea. Next week is raising seedlings and what to plant when in Kyneton. You can also see how to start seedlings without a hothouse in our mini self-watering hot houses made from a large plastic tub. We're finishing off the month with biochar, chooks, native bees and other topics.

Join us on the five Tuesdays during May from 10 to 11.30 am. Come straight to the community garden if you know the way, or check for directions at the front office.

We accept a gold coin donation or any donations of seeds, seedlings, manure, mulch and other garden inputs.

You’re also welcome any Tuesday morning during school terms to ask questions about edible gardening and learn by helping our volunteers. If you can't make it on Tuesdays and would like to learn about any of the topics above, please let us know and we'll schedule another time.

If you have questions email or phone Julie 5422 3023.
Community News...
Biochar Workshop - Sunday 14th May - Harcourt
Just up the road in Harcourt the Growing Abundance team have a biochar workshop scheduled for this Sunday. Biochar is a great way to enhance your soil and sequester carbon at the same time. You wil not only learn how to make biochar but also how to make a biochar burner.
Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group - 
"Mission Blue" film
Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group continues its 2017 film series with "Mission Blue". It will be showing at the Victoria Hotel, Woodend at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 13th June (get there at 6.30 pm if you wish to eat with others first).

From the website:

"Mission Blue inspires action to explore and protect the ocean. As of Dec 2016, 5.1% of the global ocean was covered by marine protected areas. From the seamounts of the high seas to the shallow sunlit reefs, Mission Blue seeks to bring about a significant increase in ocean protection to at least 30% by the year 2030. At the heart of this effort is a global campaign to build public support for the protection of Hope Spots - special places that are vital to the health of the ocean. Empowered by a growing number of Hope Spots and communities that support them, Mission Blue is uniting a global coalition to inspire an upwelling of public awareness, access and support for a worldwide network of marine protected areas."

MRSG's program for the year continues with films on every second Tuesday of the month:
11 July  – Sustainable (2016)
8 August  – The Islands and the Whales (2016)
12 September  – Forks Over Knives (2011)
10 October  – Daughter of the Lake (2015)
14 November  – Gasland II (2014)
12 December  – Shorts from Environmental Film Festival Australia
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Our Regular Events
Produce Swap - 2nd Saturday of the month, Kyneton Farmers' Market, St Paul's Park, Piper Street - 9 am to 12 noon
Kyneton Community Garden - Tuesday 10 to 11.30 am during school terms, Kyneton Secondary College. Workshops will be held every Tuesday during May from 10 am or come along any Tuesday morning and ask your questions or get a demonstration.
Coffee and chat - Friday from approximately
10.30 am, Kaddy's Cafe, 8 High Street.
Friday before the Farmers' Market is also our
Core Group Meeting.
Garden Gathering - Occasionally on a Sunday afternoon we gather in someone's garden and help them with a slightly larger project or just with some regular chores. Usually 2 to 4 pm followed by afternoon tea. Kids welcome. Contact us for information on the next one, or if you would like to host one.
Boomerang Bag Sewing Bees from May 2017 - 2nd Thursday of the month, 1 to 4pm, BUPA; 3rd Thursday 9.30 to 12 noon, RM Begg; other weekly sessions and monthly weekend session at KCLC. Contact us for details.
Kyneton Community Lunch - Wednesday 12.30 pm during school terms, Kyneton Mechanics Institute (organised by Kyneton Community & Learning Centre). $5 donation

Working together to make our community stronger, happier and more resilient as we deal with the impact of peak oil and climate change.

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Copyright © 2017 Kyneton Transition Hub, All rights reserved.

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Copyright © 2017 Kyneton Transition Hub, All rights reserved.

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Copyright © 2017 Kyneton Transition Hub, All rights reserved.

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