The Interior Alignment® Newsletter

The Interior Alignment® Newsletter

Where Intention Goes Energy Flows 

Interior Alignment® (IA) is a system of activating joy and peace in our living spaces.  It was created by international author and lecturer Denise Linn.  Through a series of applications such as Instinctive Feng Shui™, Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™, and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™ our practitioners can assist you with creating a home, office, or garden that you love.  Also, you can become an Interior Alignment® practitioner - details below.  For a list of our practitioners and teachers please click here


"A home is more than a place to lay your head

and seek comfort from the elements.
It is a crossing point in time and space
that can attract energy or repel energy.
Your home can be a place of
renewal and hope.
It can be a sanctuary
within which you can retreat and recharge.” 
                           ~ Denise Linn



Aligning your Inner and Outer Worlds
by LuAnn Cibik, MEIA, CSC

Fifteen years ago I was a professional geek. I spent 12 hours or more a day connected to my computer on my desk and used it to solve people’s problems. I worked for a corporation. I wore dresses and high heels to work. I loved my job, except for the ever present danger of losing it because of some corporate whim.
I had always loved ‘alternative’ things, such as art and design, color therapy and essential oils, oracle cards, dream interpretation, the laws of attraction, and the whole concept of magic, angels, fairies and goddesses. I wanted to believe in past lives, since this meant we had more lives yet to come. These things were my secret hobby… until one day, when I discovered the book Feng Shui for the Soul by Denise Linn. It was an OMG kind of day. I realized that everything I loved could be bound up in a tidy package and it had a name: Interior Alignment® (IA).
It’s fifteen years later, much study and many certification courses accimplished, and I have my own thriving business as a Feng Shui consultant and a Master Educator in this amazing IA system. There are still days that I spend more than 12 hours at my computer using it to help people solve problems, just different problems and in a different way. I still wear my dresses and high heels to work, even if it’s just my home office, 15 feet from my bedroom. I love my job. And as the boss, I never have to worry about a lay off (unless it’s time off for a nap!).
Notice a pattern? Yes… We all easily fall into patterns. Patterns are great when they are uplifting. Setting up our homes as a template or pattern for our life with is what Interior Alignment® is all about. Yet, over the years, the rather patterns in my home are not considered ‘good Feng Shui’. They don’t represent what I want in life. After wondering why I have been feeling tired, overwhelmed, and struggling against the flow, I took a look around at my home… and UGH! I found some answers.  I’m going to share what I found, in case some of these patterns can be found in your home, too.
  • Remove the clutter: I swear it breeds in the corners. What are you stepping over every day? Clutter in the physical form blocks energy from flowing in your life… and truly makes it feel like you have to struggle with everything you do. Even removing or properly storing just a few items a day will make a difference in your life.
  • Instill life into your spaces: It’s time to release the plants that are only barely alive (Ok, dead in my house), remove the silk flowers, and bring in fresh plants or vibrant cut flowers to uplift your space. Your home is a template for your soul, and lifeless things in your home obviously diminish your energy too.
  • Reduce the chemicals: I have been seduced by low prices or sales on cleansers and cleaners and soaps and solutions. I should know better. I will chalk it up to a good experiment in experiencing what my clients are using. Chemicals in household cleaner, soaps, air fresheners, etc. all tax your body and your immune system. In Interior Alignment® we learn how to create HEALTHY HOMES… and toxic chemicals are not a part of it.
  • Start every day right: Somehow, I had been waking up looking at a pile of unfolded laundry. Not the best way to start a day! What is the first thing YOU see when you wake up? Every room, especially your bedroom, should have items that uplift you. There was nothing wrong with the clothing, but the message of uncompleted work is a rather ‘bad Feng Shui’ message. I took an hour to fold and iron. Now I see my favorite painting of a unicorn and a blond haired girl. Good morning!
  • Truly give thanks: I have an intention altar that I use daily, but lately, it’s been sort of an ‘I want’ place… having that energy of ‘I want’ was subconsciously making me feel like I was in a state of lack.  I have shifted it back to a sacred ‘I am grateful' place. I am truly blessed, and every day I honor those miracles in my life, great and small.
  • My Chi: I have made too little time and too many excuses for eating prepackaged food and not exercising my body in nature. The food we bring into our homes is the Chi we bring into our home every week. Is your kitchen Chi filled with chemicals and preservatives? Do those cookies have a shelf life of 20 years? Or, is it filled with the Chi of fresh fruits and vegetables? In just the past week of making conscious changes and choices, I feel much more energized. Why did I forget how good I can feel? How good can YOU feel again?
  • Give back: I had gotten so consumed with working for clients, I had lost sight of helping those I love the most. So each week, I have helped friends or family with their homes and lives. This weekend I helped a dear friend who is grieving deeply for her brother. We rearranged and Space Cleared her bedroom. She called today to tell me it’s the first time she has slept through the night in months. Sometimes it’s not about the money; it’s just about making a difference.
Interior Alignment® practitioners are here to make a difference. Each of us, in our own way, are shining a light that makes the world a better place. We have been trained to help others, bringing great joy, health or success… or sometimes just to soothe the soul through helping others align their inner and outer worlds.
Do you have your Home for the Soul?
LuAnn is the owner of Inner Harmony and is a Master Educator of Interior Alignment®.
Click here for more about LuAnn



The Interior Alignment® Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio is Coming!

Want to hear valuable Instinctive Feng Shui™, Seven Star Space Clearing™, or Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™ information from experts in their field?  Are you craving juicy details about crystals or oils, or other techniques and tools? Then join us on the new Interior Alignment® Blog Talk Radio show! 

Our weekly show with a rotating ensemble of hosts and guests share information on many topics about Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Healthy Homes and more! If any of you have listened to Interior Alignment founder Denise Linn’s weekly HayHouse Radio show, you know that you can gain powerful and meaningful information from Internet radio shows.  Learning about Feng Shui and Interior Alignment can make a difference in your life. Each week we want to share with you a few powerful tips that you can implement.  And, if you have a Feng Shui questions, call in, and get your simple questions answered on the air!

To kick off our first show, we will be offering prizes to a few lucky callers and chat room guests!
Shows will be Sunday evenings, 6-6:30 pm, EST, beginning August 5th.

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
by Catherine Hilker, TAIA


An ideal master bedroom will enhance intimacy as well as provide an environment for relaxation, rest and rejuvenation. Such bedrooms are ideally yin in nature. Yin qualities are quiet, dark, soft, nurturing, introspective, receptive, etc.

If your budget only allows focus on one room of your home, make it the bedroom. Typically, a third of our lives are spent there. In addition, quality sleep is a key component to health and well-being.

Here are some tips to make your bedroom a place of nourishment, much like eating healthy food.
  • Place your bed in the command position. This means it is against a solid wall with a view of the entrance and not directly in front of the entrance. Ideally the solid wall is not shared with a bathroom.
  • Sleep with a supportive, solid wood or fabric headboard.
  • Purchase the most comfortable and high end mattress that your budget will allow. Ideally the mattress will not be made of materials that off gas noxious odors.
  • Use soothing, restful colors.
  • Place an inspiring piece of art, photos or message directly across your bed to end and start each day.
  • Close all doors.
  • Have an abundance of yang elements in your space. This includes all electronics, bright lights, mirrors, exercise equipment, work items.
  • Use your bedroom as a multi-purpose space.
  • Hang heavy, ominous objects over the head of the bed.
  • Sleep under a large, heavy chandelier or beams.
  • Work in bed.
  • Store clutter.
Finally and most important, take good stuff into dream time!
Catherine is the owner of Creating Sanctuary, a Master Teacher of Interior Alignment®, and a Certified Practitioner of Feng Shui and Space Clearing ™ .
Click here for more about Catherine

Simply Feng Shui
by Kathleen Tumpane, MTIA


There are three Feng Shui infractions I frequently find during a Feng Shui consultation.  The good news is they are all easy to fix.  Actually, once you become aware of a Feng Shui issue and see its inherent logic, adopting the positive solution is a breeze, as you’ll see.
1. Do you have a knife block with knives on your kitchen counter?
Ideal Feng Shui answer : No.  The reason this is considered not good Feng Shui is because knives are a danger, especially to curious young children.  Even if your children have children of their own and live in far off locations, the idea of making your home safe as if children are present will always be good Feng Shui.
The fix?  Put the knife block in a pull-out shelf, or discard the knife block entirely and pick up an in-drawer knife block from Williams Sonoma.  Remember to measure the width of your intended knife drawer!
2. Are all your bath basin drains closed?  Are the lids of all your toilets down?  How about the drain covers in your bathtubs and showers?
Ideal Feng Shui answer : Yes.  Since water symbolizes money in Feng Shui, you don't want your money going down the drain.  Do you?
When you close the drains and lids after use with the intention of handling your money with care, it's amazing how quickly the new habit takes hold.  The corresponding change in how you spend, save, and invest gets progressively more remarkable as time goes on.
3. Does the bed you sleep in have a sturdy headboard?  Is it attached to the bed, the wall, or both?
Ideal Feng Shui answer : Yes.   If your answer is No, are you single?  Do you want to stay that way?  Then don't bother getting a headboard.  In your case, your lack of headboard is serving your desires.
If your answer is No and you’ve been happily married for 38 years, you don’t need a headboard, either.  Even in Feng Shui, 'if it isn't broke, don’t fix it'!
If your answer is No, you are single, and deeply want a committed relationship rich with intimacy, companionship, and fabulous conversations, start looking now for the headboard of your dreams.
Kathleen Tumpane, MTIA lives in Palm Desert, CA. She is a Feng Shui consultant and teacher and the author of Slim House Slim Body.  
Click here for more about Kathleen 

Featured Book by an Interior Alignment Practitioner
Review by LuAnn Cibik, MEIA

Simply Color, by Diantha Harris, CPIA
When you connect with Diantha Harris, you are reminded of rainbows and sparkles!  Her gorgeous book, Simply Color, is a feast for the eyes and contains an array of color information arranged in a simple yet very useful manner.  As big fan of color, fun, and making the rainbow a part of my everyday life, I love that this book contains information on the color wheel, chakra colors, Feng Shui colors, healing colors, plant energy colors, an awesome chart of colors, essential oils and sounds that relate! I think one of my favorite aspects of this book is the ‘Color Cards’ section of the book (I’m also a card addict) which gives information on her card deck, color meaning, and messages.
As Diantha says in the preface, ‘By it’s nature, color is spontaneous, fun and full of life. By working with color we can also bring those qualities into our lives as well!”  Just reading this book reignited my passion for color!
Simply Color makes a great addition to every color fan’s library. A workshop that I have taught in the past, COLOR as an experience, was one that people loved. The next time I teach this workshop, I will be including this book as a gift for my participants because it is an excellent resource.  For more information about this book click here.


Interior Alignment Featured Practitioners

Linda J. Stewart, CPIA, CSC
Inspired Living - Creating spaces that nurture and inspire
St. Louis, Missouri
“I believe nurturing is essential to our well-being. A very significant source of nurturing and enrichment is our environment—the spaces that hold and sustain us, nourish and replenish us.  Our spirits yearn for places that nurture and tend to us. 
There is a mystical connection between us and our environment profoundly affecting our health and happiness.  When our environments are in alignment with our spirit, we enrich our soul.  Soul-nurturing spaces mirror who we are and cultivate our unique gifts and talents.
As an Interior Alignment practitioner, I am committed to honoring your uniqueness while supporting your goals and desires.  I invite you to experience the joyful effects of enhancing your environments—your places will become sacred spaces where you prosper and thrive and feel deeply at home.”
Linda is an experienced Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment and Soul Coach® specializing in the art of nurturing. She is known for her refined aesthetic sense, exceptional ability to read energy in environments, and her deeply intuitive insights.  Linda’s warm and sincere nature along with her passion for creating spaces that feed your soul makes working with her a joyful experience.
She began her informal study of Feng Shui in the early 1990’s.  While working as a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, she noticed a strong correlation between her client’s daily environment and the state of his/her health and happiness. She pursued her interest, earning two professional certifications in Feng Shui and Space Clearing. 
Linda has a degree in Psychology and has studied many healing modalities including Reiki, Healing Touch, CranioSacral Therapy, and Evolutionary Astrology giving her a distinct advantage in helping her clients on many levels.
She offers a variety of services including home, business, garden and new construction consultations, Space Clearing, ongoing Feng Shui coaching, and astrological Feng Shui. In addition to consultations, she teaches Feng Shui at St. Louis Community College, in St. Louis, Missouri.
Click here for more about Linda

Bill Schwingel, MTIA
Feng Shui 24
Saint Charles, IL
Bill has been studying differences among environments nearly all his life. It became a natural part of who he was as he moved from home to home, which included living between the Midwest and the New England area as a child.  He was often found rearranging his room because it no longer felt “right.” When he discovered Feng Shui nearly 20 years ago, what he’d been inadvertently training himself to do all his life felt like a perfect fit.
In 1995, he was introduced to Denise Linn, Founder of Interior Alignment® through her book Sacred Space. He felt an immediate connection to her approach and Interior Alignment because it emphasizes that each person has an instinctive understanding of what is working and what is not in his or her environment. It empowers people to trust their intuition, and when combined with a Feng Shui perspective, to make profound changes in their lives.
Bill began his professional career in Feng Shui in 2002, when he received his practitioner certification from the International Institute of Interior Alignment. He gained a deeper understanding of Instinctive Feng Shui and Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™ when he became one of a handful of Master Teachers of Interior Alignment. He also is a trained Earth Energies practitioner.
As a project manager in the corporate environment for nearly 12 years, he has been able to combine his discipline and insights in offering classes, workshops and consultations to home owners and business owners. Bill’s services include Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Earth Acupuncture consultations. He also offers distance healing services and Bagua Medicine readings using Native American Medicine Cards.
Click here for more about Bill


Interior Alignment® Feng Shui School Upcoming Certification Programs

The following is a list of PROFESSIONAL FENG SHUI and SPACE CLEARING certification programs from our current Interior Alignment® teachers . These teachers use the same curriculum and official IA TRAINING MATERIALS with the latest of information and techniques created by IA founder Denise Linn. For details about the different certification levels available, read more at
Interior Alignment®, LLC is an organization with a specific license agreement for teachers.  We do this to uphold the quality of the education being provided.  The curriculum for each course is standard. However, each teacher operates their own business, and we encourage students to ask each teacher about their specific business practices and policies.  For more information on certification classes click here.  Following is the OFFICIAL INTERIOR ALIGNMENT® 2012 COURSE SCHEDULE:

Certified Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing
 Distance Program w/Onsite Intensive
Northern Beaches of Sydney AU
Online Begins: July 16, 2012
onsite dates: Sept 6-9, 2012
Master Teacher: Karen Quant, MTIA
Certified Practitioner of Instinctive Feng Shui™
Distance Program w/Onsite Intensive
Northern Beaches of Sydney AU
Online Begins: July 20, 2012
onsite dates: Sept 13-16, 2012
Master Teacher: Karen Quant, MTIA
Certified Interior Alignment® Practitioner
both Feng Shui and Space Clearing
Distance Program w/Onsite Intensive
Western Pennsylvania
Online Begins: August 1, 2012
onsite dates: Nov 11-17 2012
Master Teacher: LuAnn Cibik, MEIA
Certified Interior Alignment® Practitioner
both Feng Shui and Space Clearing
Distance Program w/Onsite Intensive
Oregon Coast
Online Begins: August 2, 2012 for 12 weeks
Onsite dates: Nov 2-11, 2012
Master Teacher: Cindy Garreton, MEIA

Certified Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing
Distance Program w/Onsite Intensive
Northern Beaches of Sydney AU
Online Begins: Aug 27, 2012
onsite dates: Oct 25-28, 2012
Master Teacher: Karen Quant, MTIA
Certified Practitioner of Instinctive Feng Shui
Onsite Intensive
Marshfield, WI
Onsite dates:  Sept 13-18,2012
Master Teacher: Eileen Kelz, TATA
Cell:             715.305.5359      
Certified Practitioner of Instinctive Feng Shui™
Distance Program w/Onsite Intensive
Northern Beaches of Sydney AU
Online Begins: Oct 1, 2012
onsite dates: Nov 22-25, 2012
Master Teacher: Karen Quant, MTIA
Certified Interior Alignment® Practitioner
both Feng Shui and Space Clearing
Distance Program w/Onsite Intensive
Tenafly, New Jersey
Online Begins: Oct 3, 2012
Onsite dates:  April 28- May 4, 2013
Master Teacher: Laurie Bornstein, MEIA
Certified Practitioner of Instinctive Feng Shui
Distance Program w/Onsite Intensive
Corolla, North Carolina (Outer Banks)
Online Begins: September 2012
Onsite dates:  Oct 26-20,2012
Master Teacher: Eileen Kelz, TATA
Cell:             715.305.5359      

Certified Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing
Distance Program w/Onsite Intensive
Western Pennsylvania
Online Begins: Jan 15, 2013
Onsite dates: March 2013
Master Teacher: LuAnn Cibik, MEIA
Certified Interior Alignment® Practitioner
both Feng Shui and Space Clearing
Western Pennsylvania
Online Begins: Jan 1, 2013
Onsite dates: 7 days in May 2013
Master Teacher: LuAnn Cibik, MEIA
Certified Interior Alignment® Practitioner
both Feng Shui and Space Clearing
Distance Program w/Onsite Intensive
Tenafly, New Jersey
Online Begins: Mar 6, 2013
Onsite dates:  Sept 22-28, 2013
Master Teacher: Laurie Bornstein, MEIA
Certified Practitioner of Instinctive Feng Shui™
Distance Program w/Onsite Intensive
United Kingdom
Online Begins: Feb 2013
onsite dates: End of June 2013
Master Teacher: LuAnn Cibik, MEIA

The Interior Alignment Master Teachers

Laurie Bornstein, MEIA
Harmony Life Design®, LLC
Northern New Jersey

LuAnn Cibik MEIA, CSC
Inner Harmony
Western Pennsylvania

Rainy Jordan MEIA

Perfect Balance
1107 Midsummer Ct
Marietta, Georgia 30068

Eileen Kelz, MTIA TAIA
Dynamic Environments
and School of Feng Shui
Marshfield, WI  and Corolla NC
Cindy Garreton, MEIA
503-713-8014  Oregon

Karen Quant, MTIA
Vibrational Connections 
            +61 414 376 047      
Sydney, Australia
Email –

Emily Rooney,MEIA

Divine Dwellings

BYRON BAY, Australia
1300 852 608

Bill Schwingel, MTIA
Feng Shui 24
Saint Charles, IL
If you are a Certified Soul Coach® through Denise Linn, the Master Teachers offer a special discount. You will need to supply proof of  Soul Coach® certification to the MTIA at the time of registration for your course.
PLEASE NOTE: If you find someone offering to certify you as an Interior Alignment® Practitioner, who is not listed as a Master Teacher on this site, please contact us to confirm that they are an Authorized Master Teacher or Master Educator.

Our teachers also offer Advanced and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui certification courses.  For information about these advanced courses please click here.

The Interior Alignment® Newsletter Team

This newsletter was produced with the efforts of the following team:
Suzanne Boyce, CPIA
Sharon Breslin, AIA/MWFS
LuAnn Cibik, MEIA
Felicia Messina D'Haiti, AIA/MWFS
Dawn Gettig, AIA/MWFS, Managing Editor
Diantha Harris, CPIA
Cathy Turner, CPIA
Special Thanks to Denise Linn, IA Founder



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