LA Bloom Now Securing Brand Partners To Activate With NYC's Freshest and Largest TEDx Conference

June 10, 2014

TEDxFultonStreet will be a one-day conference on June 10th, 2014, drawing a mix of entrepreneurs, technologists, artists, architects, thinkers, dreamers, scientists, and doers… creative individuals seeking inspiration from an immersive and cross-disciplinary experience. Our venue is the 650-seat theatre in Lower Manhattan where Bravo films “Inside The Actor's Studio.”

Videos of all the presentations will be directed by an award-winning television producer, with original graphics and music from prominent NYC artists. Top-tier partners will have the opportunity for in-video branding before and after each piece. These broadcast-quality HD videos will be published on TEDxTalks youtube channel, where popular talks are often viewed millions of times.

Our presenters are innovators in Technology or Entertainment or Design, who have each changed the world in some way. They present never-before-seen material to an audience which is primarily age 25-40, professional, digital-media savvy, entrepreneurial, creative, and intellectually curious.

Over the course of the day, a range of speakers will make debut presentations. No panels, no group discussions, no break-out sessions. Just a lineup of people who have each shaped the world in which we live — talking about how their innovations came to be, or their research, or their visions for the future.

During the numerous breaks and intermissions, attendees will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with the presenters, most of whom stay for the entire day.

The breakfast, morning coffee, lunch, afternoon snack, and evening cocktail hour each represent chances for brands to engage with the audience in a memorable fashion.

The theme for 2014 is Chrysalis: Radical Transformations and the day will consist of four segments:

  1. from Fantasy to Reality (storytelling)
  2. from Private to Public (secret passions)
  3. from Analog to Digital (music and visual arts)
  4. Unexpected Discoveries

Presentations will be made by world-changing innovators, including:

Corporate partners enjoy many opportunities for unique brand activations with the audience members.

We can design custom packages including:

TEDxFultonStreet is a not-for-profit community licensed to operate by contract with TED Conferences, but independently organized. For additional information about the relationship between TED, TEDx, and TEDxFultonStreet, please refer to, or contact the Founder directly at (mobile: 1-917-684-0670).

Our audience is a creative group of people, and the strongest way to engage with them will be to develop a unique one-off activation that meshes with the TEDxFultonStreet content. To discuss the possibilities in greater detail, please direct your inquiries to Greg Bloom at (mobile: 1-720-364-5994).

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