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As I sit with fingers poised above the keyboard to write an update and present another Joy Strategy, I am mindful of the tragedies that have transpired over the past few weeks with frightening magnitude and regularity.  For so many, a Survival Strategy would be more appropriate. May this pattern come to an end and may all who have been touched by the devastation in Boston, Bangladesh, Oklahoma and elsewhere find the strength and support to heal and forge ahead.  These events are a powerful reminder that everything as we know it can change in an instant. 

We need to make the most of this moment even as we keep an eye on the future and achieving our goals. It is in this spirit that I offer a few strategies at the end of this newsletter for saying “No” to those things that crowd out our own priorities and hinder our progress in achieving our goals and enjoying 
each day.

But first, a few announcements…


The Joy of Strategy... A Business Plan for Life Available for Pre-order on Amazon

The official launch date for The Joy of Strategy is September 17. It is now available for pre-order. Stay tuned for news and announcements leading up to the big day. 

ARA Joyfully Welcomes Lauren Austin

I am delighted to welcome our new full-time Business Manager, Lauren Austin.  Before joining ARA, Lauren managed the grand opening of the Downtown Boston store for fair trade retailer, Ten Thousand Villages and served as store manager.  She has an impressive track record in operations and project management and is working toward her M.A. in Communication Management from Emerson College. She has passion for social justice and is excited to work with the ARA team, manage business functions and work on the book launch. 
Give No A Go - The Joy of Choosing YOU
There may be more power in the word “no” than any other two letters in the alphabet. Even so, this is a word that many of us find very difficult to use with any regularity.  We worry about disappointing someone, fear they won’t like us, or just feel like we should do whatever is asked of us.  When our plate is full, we often fail to notice that when we say yes to one thing, we are saying no to something else.  That something else can be our own wellbeing when we give up sleep, exercise time or other priorities in order to accommodate someone else’s requests.

It’s popular to advise a people pleaser to “learn to say no”, but if it were that easy, we’d all be doing it.  So, try flipping that advice around and consider what you want to say “yes” to.  When you act from a sense of mission – knowing what you want to achieve – you are able to make conscious choices about what YOU want and to evaluate how much of your limited time is required to complete what you’ve decided to do.  This will require that you set an intention to accomplish a specific goal and give that priority.  Once you have set clear priorities, you will be in a position to evaluate the relative merits of accommodating the next person who asks something of you.  

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