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        ARA Welcomes New Consultant, Kristin Moul Driscoll

        Joy of Strategy Is Officially Launched

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           - The Dangers of Washington’s Soul Shutdown

           - On If You Had Unlimited Vacation, Would You
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           - On Go Ahead - Ask Your Employees If They’re Happy 

It's a Joy to Welcome New Consultant, Kristin Moul Driscoll

Kristin joined ARA’s coaching team in September and will focus her initial efforts on supporting the growth of Simmons’ groundbreaking Health Care MBA program. Kristin comes with a wealth of program management experience and brings a passion for building educational partnerships to optimize opportunities for students and young professionals to fulfill their potential. Learn More About Kristin

The Joy of Strategy is Launched

On Monday, September 30, 2013, WBUR journalist and CommonHealth Co-host, Carey Goldberg, and Brookline-based publishing company, Bibliomotion, hosted 200 local executives, friends and family to celebrate the release of The Joy of Strategy; A Business Plan for Life. See Photos and More Information.

Dear Friends of Allison Rimm and Associates,

It's been quite a whirlwind with the book launch activities and growth of ARA.  I would like to extend a special welcome to all our new subscribers.  You can look forward to regular news, features and articles supporting you in your quest for success on your own terms, including a balanced and joyful life on and off the job.

Join Our Small Group Coaching Program Pilot

You’ve asked and we’ve listened! In an effort to provide a cost-effective alternative to one-on-one coaching plus the benefits of working with like-minded professionals, I am excited to offer a new small group coaching program. This package includes an individual intake session, followed by four group sessions, plus email support. My intention is to create cohorts of up to six people grouped by geography and interest, such as career transitions, improving project/people management skills or balancing work and personal life. Information gathered from the intake sessions will be used to customize the focus for each group. For a limited time, I am offering the opportunity to participate in a pilot program at a deep discount. 

Introducing Ask the Coach

Due to popular demand, you are invited to submit your questions by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page or by responding to this email. We will select one or more questions to answer in each newsletter and post the answers online.  In this debut issue, I answer Lorraine’s question:

Q: I am a stay at home mom with a family to take care of. I also take care of my elderly father on a daily basis, which consists of shopping and taking him to constant medical appointments. I also babysit for my grandson a couple of times a week. How do I rally the troops to get everyone on board to help out?

A:  Wow, Lorraine, you have your hands full as you cope with the blessings and challenges of having four generations living nearby.  You bring the term “sandwich generation” to a whole new level.  With grandchildren added to the mix, you’re in a club sandwich!  This is clearly more than one person can manage over the long haul, so you are absolutely right to involve the whole family in this endeavor so you can keep the home fires burning without burning yourself out.           

It’s time for a family meeting so you can create a workable solution that will engage everyone in doing their part to meet the family’s collective needs.  Read more by clicking here and scrolling down to the Joy Solution Center.

Joy Strategies Blog

The government shutdown and all of its accompanying maneuvers and missteps over the past few weeks was such a potent example of just how wrong things can go when leaders lose sight of their mission and guiding principles.  I find it hard to believe that any of the key players in this debacle, if asked what their vision of successful public service is, would mention things like brinksmanship, power plays and placating powerful party factions. Yet, I am hard-pressed to recall even one instance of any citizen who benefitted from this situation.  In fact, many people were seriously harmed.  So, I just had to write about the need for our nation’s leaders to get back in touch with the values and purpose that drove them to Washington in the first place and get back to the business of serving the public.

The Dangers of Washington's Soul Shutdown 

When business leaders stray from their missions, profits suffer.  But when our leaders in Washington lose their way, they court all sorts of disasters, leading a hapless nation to the edge of fiscal cliffs and even putting some of us in mortal danger.  Enough already. Before they do irreparable harm, our nation’s leaders must remind themselves why they got into the business of publicservice and start acting in accordance with the higher ideals that landed them in office in the first place.

Much has been written about Gallup’s latest State of the American Workplace survey that revealed that half of U.S. employees are “not engaged” at work.  With all the finger-pointing and political shenanigans going on, it appears that our politicians are no longer engaged in the mission of serving the public.  They are engaged all right, but in a ferocious battle of partisan politics where the prize of the game they’re playing now is arguably at odds with the job they were elected to do.  And the results are truly catastrophic.

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