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In This Issue...

  • Joy of â€¦ Crutches?!
  • ARA Welcomes New Coach and Consultant, Karen Carmody
  • Practicing What We Preach
  • Project Louise Update: Excavating Her Calendar for Time to Breathe
  • Harvard Business Review: Schedule a 15-Minute Break Before You Burn Out
  • New Study in Psychological Science: Having a Sense of Purpose May Add Years to Your Life
  • Great New Leadership Book: The Social Leader by Frank Guglielmo

Dear Friends of Allison Rimm and Associates,

Why is it that we never outgrow that back to school feeling that comes with September? It seems that projects build up during the summer and when people return reinvigorated from their vacations, they attack that pile with a sense of urgency and renewed purpose. This flurry of activity is exciting and can be a bit overwhelming. As a consultant and coach, I have the pleasure and the privilege of peeking behind curtains to help my clients ride this wave of energy and help them do some pretty great things. A common theme this fall: I see leadership teams figuring out how to optimize the deployment of their talent as they innovate and grow. Along with this increased complexity comes the need to beef up communications systems and plans. At the core of this work: engaging the hearts and minds of their workforce so they can work harmoniously and achieve outstanding business results. When that happens, everyone wins. 

Joy of … Crutches?!

Normally in the autumn, I am running to keep up with the workload.  This year, not so much. It's more like hobbling to keep up. I've literally worked myself to the bone and the cartilage in my right hip is completely gone. As the arthritis has advanced, my mobility has decreased and my dependency on first a cane, then crutches and now even - gasp! - other people, has grown. I'm sure many of you can relate to this. We see ourselves as independent and capable of doing everything on our own - until we can't. I am so stubborn that I've tried every alternative to surgery for over a year until the pain has gotten so bad that there is no choice. It's scheduled for next week.


ARA Welcomes New Coach and Consultant, 
Karen Carmody

We are delighted to introduce our newest associate, Karen Carmody. Karen brings 20+ years of diverse industry and business experience in corporate coaching, organizational effectiveness, and management consulting. Her passion is to empower individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve their full potential and achieve sustainable results. Welcome Karen!

Practicing What We Preach

As ARA continues to grow and innovate along with our clients, we have engaged in a strategic planning effort of our own. It's an exciting process with so much to work with. Stay tuned for more details! Here's a peek at coming attractionst:



Great New Leadership Book

My friend, Frank Guglielmo, has written an extraordinary book to help leaders find opportunities and deal effectively with the challenges presented in the mystifying world where social media meets the business world. The Social Leader: Redefining Leadership for the Complex Social Age, looks at the transition that the world has made to the Social Age, the leadership challenges this new age creates and the how a leader can productively respond to these challenges. The digital communications that can be harnessed to drive a leader’s agenda can also spiral in directions that create challenges of their own. The Social Leader provides the tools and guidance for leaders to develop their own unique, authentically productive responses to these Social Age leadership challenges. 


Project Louise: Entering the Home Stretch, Time to Press Pause

WBUR's Louise enters the final four months of her year wellness challenge. Read how she's doing. 

Harvard Business Review: Schedule a 15-Minute Break Before You Burn Out

According to Ron Friedman, studies show we have a limited capacity for concentrating over extended time periods and although we don't always doze off, we become more vulnerable to distractions. Read More. 


New Study in Psychological Science: Having a Sense of Purpose May Add Years to Your Life

Lead researcher Patrick Hill of Carleton University in Canada says, "Our findings point to the fact that finding a direction for life, and setting overarching goals for what you want to achieve can help you actually live longer, regardless of when you find your purpose,” says Hill. “So the earlier someone comes to a direction for life, the earlier these protective effects may be able to occur.”

Read More


Joy Strategies 


"Sometimes we get caught up in “winning” the game, we forget why we started playing it in the first place." 

-The Joy of Strategy

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