Dear Friends of Allison Rimm and Associates, 

It’s finally here! Today marks the official launch of The Joy of Strategy, A Business Plan for Life .  After so many years of working on this project, my dream to share this work with a broad audience has finally been realized.  This is a major step toward fulfilling my own professional mission:

“To guide individuals and organizations in identifying their unique talents, passions and purpose and to provide the tools necessary to harness this power to ensure the joyful fulfillment of their individual and collective missions and, in so doing, improve the world.”

To thank you for your ongoing interest and support, I would like to offer you the companion workbook to help you organize your business plan for life included at the bottom of this email.
The next big step is to make sure the book reaches as many people as possible and many of you have generously asked how you can help. So for one last time, I humbly ask you to consider doing any or all of the following:

1. Tell your friends and colleagues about the book!

2. Mention the book on your favorite social media:

Here are some examples of posts and tweets you can use directly or as a guide for your own creations:  



  • Strategy consultant, coach and author, Allison Rimm, walks you through 8 steps to create your own personal strategic plan in her highly acclaimed new book, The Joy of Strategy; A Business Plan for Life. Learn more at

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3. Invite me to speak at your next function 

Contact me or visit for more ideas on how I can help your business or group. 

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As always, please accept my sincere gratitude for your kindness, inspiration and good works.


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