Position Yourself to Thrive in 2020

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  • Move From Surviving to Thriving: The Power of a Positive Vision
  • Go Ahead: Ask Your Employees if They are Happy
  • Set Goals or New Year's Resolutions? 

Dear Friends of Allison Rimm and Associates,

Happy New Year! Are you among the many people who are saying, "Boy am I glad 2019 is over!"? I seem to be hearing that sentiment voiced everywhere recently. No matter how you felt about last year & marked the
the transition to the new year, consider how you can set yourself up to have the most joyful, productive, and happy 2020 you can imagine. Read on for ideas on how to position yourself to thrive in the new year.
From Surviving to Thriving - Power of a Positive Vision

Did you face many challenges last year and celebrate the fact that you survived 2019? Without a doubt, many of us faced personal and professional trials, some quite profound. So how might we enter 2020 with the intention to do more than endure the coming year? With focus and determination, we can turn our attention from merely surviving to actually thriving.

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My Article is Now in HBR's Guide to Managing People

One of my early Harvard Business Review articles - Go Ahead: Ask Your Employees If They're Happy is now featured as a chapter in the book, HBR's Guide to Motivating People. This article focuses on one way in which effectively addressing peoples' need to be seen heard and valued as individuals determines their engagement at work and their organizational leadership's ability to retain top talent.

My Article is Now in HBR's Guide to Managing People

My coaching clients often ask should they set goals or resolutions? I answer that with another question - "which will keep you motivated in a sustainable way throughout the coming year?" Whichever feels more empowering for you is the route you should choose.

As you contemplate how you want to approach 2020 - consider this. Each year as I think about my work and personal life, I ask myself what can I do to add more joy and impact in everything I do? As you move forward, you may want to spend some time thinking about your answer to that question. And, of course, you may want to think about having some fun along the way.

Wishing you a joyous and impactful New Year,

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