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In the last newsletter, I wrote about my bungee jump from my senior VP position at Massachusetts General Hospital into full time writing, teaching, coaching and consulting. I'm excited to share an update and recent articles.  Going forward, you can expect more regular newsletters filled with tips and tools to bring you more joy and success on and off the job.

You Don't Have to Leave Your Dreams to Chance

What a difference a year makes.  It has been a blessing to focus my full professional energy on pursuing my passion - sharing what I've learned in my twenty-plus years as a senior executive, consultant, coach, educator and working parent to teach people how to use practical business tools to make their dreams come true.  Our coaching and consulting practice is thriving and everything is unfolding according to plan.
  • My New Book, The Joy of Strategy: A Business Plan for Life, is scheduled for publication in September of this year by bibliomotion books + media.
  • My new blog, Joy Strategies, provides practical tools, tips and insights to help you find more joy on and off the job.  You will find inspiration and practical, actionable advice to help you create new opportunities and solve the real-life problems that stand between you and the life you want to lead.
  • My new blog series on Harvard Business Review focuses on what you can do to find more joy and success on the job.  Check out my first post.  Comments count. Please take a moment to share your thoughts on the article!
  • Allison Rimm and Associates has built up our coaching capacity and joyfully welcomes:
          New Associate: Coach and Consultant Mary Finlay
          New Business Affiliate: Coach Bonnie Michelman

How was I able to accomplish these dreams?  I have a vision of what I want to accomplish and a plan to make it all happen. As 2013 stretches before you, what do you hope to accomplish?  Rather than making a resolution, make a plan.  Get very specific. What will you do to achieve your objective?  Write it down and commit to taking a small, decisive action to make it happen. Where and when will you take that first step?  Start small, but start today. 


Finding my way through this new territory has been an exhilarating, sometimes daunting adventure, but I haven't done it alone.  So many of you have helped to make this year a success and I'm so grateful to all my friends, colleagues, and family for your support, guidance, help, dedication and great work.  I am humbled by what my clients and students have achieved.  You are all winners in the Business of Life and an inspiration to so many.


The Joy of Connection, Allison Rimm & AssociatesA few years ago, I realized with some alarm that it had been far too long since I had stopped to look into my husband's eyes and really see him.  With the myriad logistical details of family life that we needed to negotiate in the harried moments between sending the kids off to school and rushing to get to work on time, we ran the risk of falling into a purely administrative relationship.  Where is the joy in that?  When we allow ourselves to get so caught up in getting everything done that we forget why we're doing it in the first place, we miss out on opportunities to connect deeply and meaningfully with those we love and care about.  As Annie Dillard said, "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."  But how many of us stop long enough to even notice how we are spending our days, let alone our lives?...

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The Best Is Yet to Come

2013 promises to be an exciting year for us as our coaching, teaching and consulting practice continues to grow and we prepare for the book launch.

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