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Do you expect so much of yourself that you’re dissatisfied with your accomplishments despite giving 100% effort?  At a recent retreat, I stared this unfortunate tendency right in the face and it inspired me to write my latest blog post. I would love for you to click on the “read more” button below and share your thoughts on what you discovered when you stopped to ask, “What is your enough?” in the comment section at the end of the post.
The incredibly long lead up to the launch of The Joy of Strategy; A Business Plan for Life is finally nearing the end. It feels like the gestation period for an elephant. I’m delighted that the early response has been very positive which has provided fuel for this long journey.  At the end of this email, I have included the review from Publisher’s Weekly and a link to the new book trailer. 

Look in the Mirror: Your All is Enough

With my book’s long-awaited launch finally right around the corner on September 17, I attended a personal development retreat to get focused, centered and ready to enjoy the flurry of activity scheduled to surround the big event. Early in the day, we were instructed to look in the mirror.  Staring back at me was the face of a spent old woman.  My first thought was, “I’m so exhausted from all my work and there are big hills to climb with the book coming out, so I’d better rally some energy to keep up with all the demands.”  My next thought was, “If you’re turning your dream of publishing a book into a nightmare of tasks and responsibilities, you are in big trouble!” Good thing that retreat came when it did and I caught myself in time to refocus my attitude and intention from doggedly meeting obligations to joyfully introducing my work to the world.  The coming months are something to savor, not endure.

New Book Review from Publisher's Weekly

"Sixteen years of experience improving Massachusetts General Hospital convinced strategic planning and management coach Rimm that achieving personal happiness is not as difficult as it appears. We can give ourselves a kick start on the path to personal and career satisfaction by designing a business plan for our lives—a process that includes setting core values, identifying goals, and coming up with a strategy for achieving those goals. In her first book, Rimm helps the reader break free from inertia by choosing a mission that encompasses his or her interests and talents, envisioning what success is going to look like, getting past roadblocks, analyzing strengths and weaknesses, and making the most of our most precious commodity: time. Suggestions are supported with accessible and inspiring exercises to help readers figure out what’s truly important. While the subject matter is not new, the book makes change seem truly achievable. Readers who feel stuck in their lives will find Rimm’s optimism infectious: 'Life is a wild, wondrous adventure and you never know what awaits you around the next bend... Stick to your plans as long as they continue to guide you toward the results you desire.... Have a great trip and keep in touch.' "

Click to Watch the New Book Trailer for 
The Joy of Strategy

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