MA in Euroculture IP 2015. Palacký University Olomouc.
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Euroculture Intensive Programme 2015
June 21-27 | Olomouc, Czech Republic

Dear Euroculture Students,
On 21–27 June the annual intensive programme will take place in Olomouc. Students from all over Europe as well as academics, tutors and speakers will gather at Palacký University, which is this year's organiser of the whole event. The focus of the IP will be quite topical and up-to-date: 

A central topic of history, but also of many other academic disciplines including political science, sociology, art history, cultural anthropology among others. More importantly, this is a topic very much alive in present-day society (not necessarily academic), as understanding identity, integration, religion, religious affinities, political legitimacy and cultural dynamics is more often than not based in the understanding of the past and its interpretation.

We encourage you to start reflecting on the different IP sub-themes and to (virtually) discover the exciting part of European history – Olomouc – in which you will be immersed. 

We invite you to browse through the contents and features of the IP, its programme, important dates and related activities as well as practical information, registration and documentation, and to get acquainted with us, your Olomouc IP Team.

Please visit the website regularly for upcoming announcements and events. CONTACT US if you have any questions, requests, doubts, suggestions, ideas or comments. DO NOT FORGET TO REGISTER

We look forward to hosting you in Olomouc!
The IP Team
meet the boys

Antonín Kalous & Martin Elbel
Two directors of studies of Euroculture in Olomouc, both historians and book-lovers. If you don’t want do embarrass them, do not ask who is the most important one :-)  Wanna meet Martin? You will probably succeed if you tour the numerous Olomouc cafés… Don't be shy and ask Antonín for help – he usually has his bike at hand and is #1 in orienteering.

meet the girls
J. Kohoutová & J. RaÅ¡ková
Jitka & Jitka, same name, same office at the Department of History, both historians of gender history of modern times: Jitka K., former Euroculture coordinator, now on maternity leave, spends most of her time with her one-year-old daughter. Jitka R., always smiling and very kind, is the acting Euroculture coordinator. Both are doing their best to prepare a wonderful IP experience for you.
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