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IP Reader

Dear Students!
When writing an IP paper, preparing for a week-long conference, where to start? Here we present you with a modest set of materials that are meant to provoke debate, stimulate ideas, evoke positive and negative emotions, perhaps even outrage. You will find not only strictly academic works, but interviews, newspaper articles, and in the near future, perhaps also videos, manifestos, and others. This melange of materials is meant to reflect our approach to the IP – not solely academic, but artistic, journalistic, creative, professional and, dare we say, activist. Of course, we expect that the outcome will be in academic essay format, but the input and the inspiration need not be restricted to the academic sphere alone.
** The entire Work Area in the IP website is PASSWORD PROTECTED: Please consult with you coordinating staff to obtain access. 

The Krakow IP Team

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Programme (draft version)

Topic & subthemes overview

Click here for an Overview of the 2013 IP Topic & Subthemes. Download the PDF.

1) Change and the City: urban spaces as catalysts for change
2) The shifting borders of inclusion/exclusion: Europe as a space of change.
3) Europe’s place in a global setting: unified, divided, multi-track or simply lost?
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