Copyright © 2016 by D.E.Uhlig. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2016 by D.E.Uhlig. All rights reserved.
Who's driving the red car, you ask? His name is Walter. I drew him, and my daughter named him. I've got maybe, oh—conservatively—about a thousand or so characters like this lying around. What exactly I should do with them, I have no idea (though my hope, of course, is that they eventually end up as published children's books some day). Anyway, I suppose it's better to have the ideas and not know what to do with them than the other way around, so I'm going with that theory for now.
"What makes you different or weird… that's your strength." 
–Meryl Streep
Copyright © 2016 by D.E.Uhlig. All rights reserved.
RedSneaker™ Studios recently acquired two massive network-attached storage (NAS) devices—like the one shown below—to store my rapidly-growing collection of digital artwork files. Art files can be large and eat up a lot of disk space. It's also important to have redundant backups to protect against catastrophic data loss. (Click image below for source: Synology™.)
Image Source: Sinology™
Luckily, I have some extraordinarily smart, capable nephews who help keep their old uncle on the right side of the ever-changing technology curve!
"The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas." 
–Linus Pauling
Copyright © 2016 by D.E.Uhlig. All rights reserved.
Bits, Bytes & Nybbles,
culled from the depths of the Internet…
Is it possible to paint with gunpowder? Yes, yes, and yes, but don't try any of this at home! • Sighted and blind individuals modify their expressions of emotion in the same way, proving that smiling is an innate behavior, rather than learned. • President Andrew Jackson’s pet parrot cussed so loudly during the former president’s funeral that it had to be removed. • Free will may simply be an illusion. • The newly renovated San Francisco Museum of Modern Art features a new app that will forever change how people enjoy museums. • Life Pro Tip: You can go to almost all museums in NYC for one dollar. • Google's drawing robot makes amazing art of your face. (Click image below for source: The Next Web.)
Image Source: The Next Web
"You have this ability to find beauty in weird places." 
–Kamila Shamsie
Copyright © 2016 by D.E.Uhlig. All rights reserved.
You've probably heard of the infamous British artist, Banksy. But are you familiar with the work of the Italian street artist named Eron? You should get to know him, because his work is amazing. Though the tools he uses are different than mine, I'm in awe of his artistic talent. This short video of Eron creating one of my favorite pieces of his, Soul of the Sea, is worth the click. And this illustration of a lonely grandmother on a used chair calls to mind the work of Rembrandt, in my opinion. (Click image below for source: YouTube.)
Eron's portrait of Anne Frank on the side of a boxcar to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day is breathtaking (here's a video of him creating it.) And this short film, "ERON - The Bridges of Graffiti" is a moving tribute to those stranded in the Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Damascus.

According to this short video posted on his FB account, the artist has found a new venue (or "canvas") and is ready to take requests. (I think that's what it means; my Italian's not that good!)

Anyway, the next time some hipster mentions Banksy in conversation, now you can say, "Sure, everyone knows about Banksy. But I prefer Eron. You've probably never heard of him."
"They couldn't find the artist, so they hung the picture." 
Copyright © 2016 by D.E.Uhlig. All rights reserved.
"Peace begins with a smile." 
–Mother Teresa

May Print Giveaway

Copyright © 2016 by D.E.Uhlig. All rights reserved.

That Will Be My Life

(Back by popular demand)
This print started out as many do — a gift for one of my children.
  • SIZE: Artwork is 10 x 10 inches, matted to 8 x 8 inches (fits in 12 x 12 inch frame).
  • EDITION: Artist proof.
  • MATERIALS: Hand-signed, limited edition, Giclée fine art print, matted but unframed.
  • PAPER: Printed on Hahnemuhle William Turner — a 310g, acid-free, natural white, mould-made paper with 100% rag content (highly archival).
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