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For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a timeto pluck what is planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance. â€“ Ecclesiastes 3.1-4

Dear friends,

October has come and with it autumn has started. People harvest the earth's last fruits in anticipation of the coming winter. Trees go bare for a time and their sap rests until the following spring. There is a season for everything. Autumn is a time of evaluation and a preparation for rest.

Beware, this newsletter is very (very) long. Please do sit down comfortably, pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, add a few cookies and read on. :-)

Church plant

The couple we baptized last March got married in August. Right after their baptism M. joined us. At first a non believer he has since the beginning been present to all our meetings. Today he walks toward the Savior with us. Through him others have come, believers or not, just for once or regularly: a friend (member of another congregation but a true supporter of our church plant project), two of his children and their friends, a coworker. Since August we also count in our ranks a young Christian couple (newlyweds) who will stay with us for a few years while they are preparing themselves to become missionaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This month we welcome five new official members and the core groupe is now made of 15 people. On Sundays we welcome up to 25 people. We are blessed with four children aged 6 months to 3 years and the nursery is becoming too small: a new baby was born this week, another is due for December/January and yet another for mid-April 2015. Our little congregation grows and it is clearly God who adds to our number.

Our biblical overview continues and we sometimes stop and immerge ourselves in a book. The reading plan is divided between Sunday services (sermon or discussion) and Thursday Bible studies. In the following weeks we will be studying Peter's first letter.

The worship team counts now several musicians, some of them being able to play several instruments: piano, recorder, harmonica, violin, cajón,... and more very soon. Since September we have started rehearsals every second Thursday evening of the month. We hope to be able to keep up with it for it is not easy to satisfy at least 6 persons' personal agendas.

Do pray for this new season at Pleroma. Pray for all those new persons who came. We know that they might stay only for a time, but we want to be useful for God in love, patience and wisdom. Pray for our reading plan in 1 Peter. Let us thank God for the musicians' desire to give their best to serve the congregation and let us pray for a good priorities management.

Yann at ETF

The exams are over and passed. A new academic year begins and will be very busy. Yann starts to write his master's thesis and continues to study Greek. For the record the Greek seminary lessons are given in Dutch... a tough way to learn both languages! This semester he will also study philosophy of sciences, history of the Christian doctrine and exegesis of the New Testament.

This will be a very trying season which will demand discipline. Please do pray regularly for concentration and a good management of the priorities.

Eunice at BEM

November is the season of representation. On the 11th we will be at the annual Convention Day of the BEM and the free churches. We will organize the second edition of the 'BEM Area' and try to improve it according to last year's remarks. The following week a team will go to France to present the BEM at a big Evangelical congress week near Paris. Eunice will not go with two young children, but Yann will join the team as a substitute PR worker.

Pray for the preparation of both events. Last year we renewed the presentation documents. This year we want to insist on the urgent need of personel in the French-speaking bookstores of the BEM and we would like to offer one or two internships to students from Bible schools.

Loïs & Daniel

We are clearly in a learning season. Discovering our children, educating them, learning who we are. By living with them we discover a lot of things about us: behaviors we thought we did not have, behaviors we were persuaded we had abandoned once and for all... This is an on-the-job training about grace and forgiveness, sometimes in tears, but we know that God works in us by His Spirit.

Loïs starts pre-kindergarten in January. School is down the street and we met the teacher and visited her future classroom last week. For now she continues to go to daycare three mornings a week and she loves to be with other children. Her vocabulary is better and better and she has a strong temper.

Daniel is six months and has changed a lot. Stomach aches are gone and he is always smiling. He starts to crawl and in a few weeks he will probably pursuit his beloved sister in the whole house. We have a stressful yet amazing time ahead of us.

We thank the Lord for our children's good health. It is so great to see them grow and to have more and more interaction with them. Please do pray for patience. We love our kids but we have not already let go off everything that still attaches us to our former life as childless couple and that is an obstacle to our new life as parents. We know that we are not perfect, that we will never be here on earth and that we will always have frustrations and need for repentance, but let us pray that God daily transforms us a bit more. Every parent in the world wants the best for his children and so do we. Your prayers for us make a difference.

Our ministries

Most of you have been following us for years. However a good reminder is never too much. We are involved in two main ministries to which we add Yann's studies in theology and our parenting.

Public relations with the Belgian Evangelical Mission

The Belgian Evangelical Mission ( is a Christian Belgian organization that wishes to make the Gospel known in Belgium through evangelism and church planting. Since 2009 Eunice is responsible for the public relations on the French side. Alongside Ciara who works for the Flemish side she is in charge of the BEM newsletter (articles, publication, translation) and presents the Mission at several events. Largely speaking she promotes the BEM. This also includes managing the medias (photos/videos, website), translating and contacting coworkers. She is also responsible for the French secretarial work. 

Communauté chrétienne Pleroma

The Communauté chrétienne Pleroma is a church plant project and our local church. The founding members have known each other for years, but the church was officially launched in April 2012. Yann has been appointed one of the elders of the congregation and therefore preaches and teaches the Word of God. He is also in charge of technical details such as the projection of the songs on Sunday mornings. Eunice is part of the music team, she leads the worship every two weeks and takes care of the children every now and then. We are also responsible for communication and marketing, mostly through the website (


In 2012 Yann left his job as an engineer to carry on with his theological studies at the Evangelical faculty of Leuven, Belgium (ETF – He completes a Master degree in Theology and Religious Studies, with a specialization in “Bible and Theology”. His desire is to set some time apart to study the Scriptures and become a better instrument in God’s hands.

Financial support

Are you concerned about the low position faith and spirituality have in Belgium? Do you believe that our ministries can make a difference? Are you already praying for us but would like to do more? Then please invest!

Our little family’s monthly budget is €2000 (approx. £1.500 or $2,500). When you decide to become an investor, you choose the appropriate giving plan for you. We are looking for:

  • 20 investors +: regular gift of 10 to 25 Euros/month
  • 20 investors Pro: regular gift of 25 to 50 Euros/month
  • 10 investors Silver: regular gift of 50 to 100 Euros/month
  • 5 investors Gold: regular gift of 100 to 150 Euros/month
  • 2 investors Premium: regular gift of 150 Euros or more/month

Every donation is of course important, regardless of the amount. Any other contribution or giving plan will be received with gratitude.

Let’s do more as a congregation and invest together!

What are the gifts used for?

Our monthly budget of €2000 includes everyday expenses which arise in daily life as well as Yann’s scholarship (fees, books, transport) and unexpected incidents (doctor, medication…). We are currently living off our savings, until we manage to raise full and regular support.

How can I give?

You can support us financially via the following bank account :
Beneficiary Famille Parodi-Delcourt
IBAN BE27 0634 5849 3773

If you live in the UK or in the US, all gifts are tax deductible if sent to this address:

United Kindgom – BEM UK
PO Box 617 – Epsom, KT17 9JQ
E-mail :

United States – BEM, Inc.
PO Box 2255 – Buford, GA 30515 
Tel./Fax : 001 404 248 7868
E-mail :

We want to thank all of you who already support us financially. Your generosity makes a difference in our lives. It assures us that God approves our project and each gift we receive transforms us as we experience the generosity of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Yann, Eunice, Loïs & Daniel PARODI
A French-Belgian family, missionaries in Belgium
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