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Kansas State Animal Response Team
Kansas State Animal Response Team

Welcome to spring... Remember to respect spring storm season in Kansas... KSSART springs into action with a NEW website!

If you are interested in animal response teams in Kansas, this is the website for you.  To get involved,  just find the animal response team for your county to become a volunteer, a corporate or individual activity sponsor, or a business partner during a disaster.

In a disaster, would you leave home without your pet? Statistics show many Americans won't leave their pets behind, yet options have been limited with regard to pets in a disaster.  The Pet Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act of 2006 or PETS Act, amended the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act to mandate that state and local emergency plans address the needs of individuals with household pets and service animals.  People care about their pets and that can stimulate additional human health issues during a disaster, such as people refusing to evacuate, returning to rescue their pets, or pets guarding their homes from human services responders.   Trained and credentialed animal response team volunteers now manage animal needs so human services responders are better able to manage human needs.
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The Regional Concept

What does that mean for county animal response teams?  Keep up the great work and benefit from becoming a part of your regional team too.  County teams can offer strength and experience to the regional concept, allowing counties unable to develop an individual county animal response team to be a part of the process at a regional level.  Simply put, keep doing what you are doing, be open to sharing, growing and working within and outside your own county to ensure there is an animal response team trained and ready to deploy anywhere in Kansas.  

Any Animal, Any Disaster, Anywhere.

Projects currently in development inlcude a database for animal response team volunteer management across Kansas, standards, documentation, training, regional level steering committees, newsletters and continued improvements to the KSSART website.  If you are part of an animal response team, beginning one or working on the development of your regional team, we want to hear about your progress.  If you would like a KSSART respresentative at your next meeting, assistance planning a meeting, you have questions or need more information, contact the KSSART Unit Coordinator.

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