Kansas State Animal Response Team Newsletter
Third Quarter - 2013


Happy Fall everyone!  We had a great summer and we are so grateful for the new friends we met at the Kansas Preparedness Summit in July.  What an amazing turnout we had.  It was quite an honor to have been asked to partner with Kansas Division of Emergency Management, Citizens Corp, Community Emergency Response Team, and other volunteer groups to host this amazing event.  We’ve worked long and hard to be recognized by human emergency response groups as a legitimate team, and we absolutely have achieved that goal.  We are always looking for feedback from the local volunteers; so if you have ideas, comments or needs that we haven’t addressed, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
We have just one more year left of funding for our Coordinator position.  Kelly Benton has been fantastic, and I can’t remember how we ever did this without her.  I firmly believe that the future success of this team will depend on being able to fund Kelly, or someone else, in that position long term.  We’d love any fund raising ideas that you might have as well.  Most grants will pay for equipment and training, but won’t fund “people power”.  I’m not certain how non-profit organizations are supposed to succeed without that human contribution.  Put your thinking caps on and help sustain this organization over the long haul.

It’s been a pleasure serving with you all for the past year and we look forward to what’s to come!  Keep training, keep learning and stay safe.
Christen L. Skaer, DVM
President, KS State Animal Response Team


South Central Kansas Emergency Support Function (ESF) 8 provides the mechanism for coordinated regional assistance to supplement local resources during a potential or actual response to public health and medical disasters in Kansas.  This support function includes; EMS, Hospitals, Fatality Management, VOADs, Mental Health,  Public Health, Environmental Health and Animal Response.  Evidence has shown that both humans and animals fare better during a disaster when they are given access to each other and the realization that human lives have been lost in disasters because this bond has been ignored, makes animal response an integral part of disaster response.  Click here to see the ESF-8 Video where Dr. Christen Skaer, and others, present KS SART and the importance of animal response teams!  This is a great video, feel free to share it!



The ASCPCA again requested support from Kansas ART volunteers.   An email went out ART volunteers in September announcing the need for support and a big thank you goes out to all who offered to deploy!  A team of 4 volunteers was put together from the 10 interested and they will deploy early October for a week of shelter support.
Some volunteers replied to the request, however, their CORE training records were not current in the volunteer database.  Please remember, as a volunteer it is your responsibility to get your training certificates to your team leader for verification.  Your team leader is then responsible for working with your regional DBA to ensure your training records are updated appropriately!  Please take some time this winter to work on completing your CORE requirements and get your certificates to your team leader!  You can ask for your training report if you wish to verify that information was updated correctly.
KS SART was also contacted for potential deployment to Colorado during the flooding.  We were not called out, but thanks to the volunteers who agreed to be on stand-by!  To read more about how Colorado took care of their own, including their pets go to:  http://abcnews.go.com/US/coloroado-pets-including-fish-rescued-flood/story?id=20319372


A NEW bi-monthly email offering volunteers updates on training opportunities, local or regional conferences, articles on activity in the animal response community and other related topics will begin in October.   If you have something along these lines, to share with your fellow ART volunteers/teams in Kansas, please email that information to Kelly Benton @ administrator@kssart.org along with the appropriate links.  This information will be placed into a “VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES” email that will be shared with all ART volunteers the 1st and 15th of every month, when there is information to share.

The “DEPLOYMENT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED” emails will continue on an as needed basis.  These go to all ART volunteers, regardless of disaster responder status, and will announce when assistance is being asked for by other organizations, i.e. ASPCA, Colorado flooding, etc.  Please reply to these requests only if you have completed your responder CORE requirements, which makes you eligible to deploy.

Please be aware, these emails are an internal form of communication for ART volunteers and only ART volunteers will receive these emails directly from KS SART through the Volunteer database email system.  This is a separate system from that used to send the KS SART newsletters, which is available to everyone to sign up for through the KS SART website.

KC Metro Region

Johnson CART (JoCART): 
Did you know that Wal-Marts (each individual store) have $8000 to donate to local organizations annually?  Sherry Oswald, ART volunteer, highly recommends you contact your local Wal-Marts!  Recently a new store opened in Westwood, KS and the employees took on JoCART, as their preferred charity, and raised money to donate during their store’s grand opening.  
You can ask to have your organization placed on a store’s list either for a cash donation, or for the employees to raise money as a project.  Sherry opted for the employees to raise the money so she could speak with the employees and give an ART presentation.  The employees were extremely excited and a number of them are finishing their FEMA courses so they can even become ART responder volunteers!  
Also, if employees volunteer, Wal Mart gives up to $5000 (depending on how many hours they have volunteered and how many store employees participated) to the charity.  It really could be worth connecting with your local Wal-mart managers and personnel coordinators!  It paid off for JoCART! 
North East Region

After a very long haul, the 501C-3 process is in the final stages.  Congratulations!  Plans include the purchase of a CAMET as soon as possible, through funding that has been waiting in the wings.  

A volunteer training sessions has been scheduled for October 27th which will cover different types of sheltering in a disaster and service animals. 

The NE regional team has also teamed up with the Kansas Horse Council to co-host a booth at the Kansas Horse Classic in Topeka, October 25-27, 2013.  The Kansas Horse Council has contacted KS SART interested in developing a relationship as a resource for equine assistance in the event of a disaster in Kansas.  Thanks for helping foster this relationship and sharing information about ART in Kansas at this event!  Click here for more details on the horse show:  http://www.kansashorsecouncil.com/the-kansas-classic/

South Central Region

This regional team is preparing for their first regional “mock disaster” exercise to be held Saturday, October 19, 2013 in Augusta, Kansas.  The team has been meeting and planning with several other regional partners for this since June.  Other participating organizations include Butler County CERT, K-9 Search and Rescue and Butler County Emergency Management.  ART volunteers from other regions are invited to join in the exercise as an observer or as a participant, please contact Carolyn Jergenson, SC Regional Team Lead, to make arrangements @carolynjergenson@kpaart.org or Carolyn Shultz, SC Regional Volunteer Coordinator, @ cshultz2@cox.net.

Butler CART:
In preparing for the SC Regional exercise, several volunteers have signed up for both Practice Lead and Training Lead Roles.  Volunteers also shared a booth with the Butler County EM at the Walnut River Festival in September in El Dorado.  Volunteers distributed disaster preparedness information for pets.  Local festivals are a great way to inform the public and recruit volunteers!
Kingman/Pratt CART: 
Volunteers participated in the Fall Festival and Doggie Days in Kingman in September to build public awareness of the need to include pets in disaster planning.    In November, they will host the 2nd annual Paw Festival in Pratt, hoping to grow the event to include all types of animal related organizations and businesses.
Sedgwick CART: 
Project C.A.R.E. – a new initiative, offers 3 annual health clinics for pets affected by homelessness.  The first Project C.A.R.E. (companion animal resource extension) clinic will be held on Saturday, October 12.  In cooperation with Inter-Faith Ministries, the clinics will function as practice drills for volunteers and offer free pet wellness exams, vaccinations and city licenses for pets whose owners are experiencing or have recently experienced homelessness.  For more information go to:  http://www.sedgwickcoart.org/Events.html.

North West Region

Russell CART:

Volunteers held an exercise in Russell. A local vet offered a discounted price for vaccinations to the public and volunteers worked through the sheltering notebook. It went well and they hope to repeat the process in some of the other counties included in the NW Region.

Two volunteers were able to attend the LARO (large animal rescue operations) training in Wichita and a training day has been planned in Russell for November, to work with large animals, primarily horses, to learn about their behavior, usual physical condition, etc.

South West Region

A new CAMET trailer, loaded with supplies was delivered to the SW regional team last month, congratulations!!  Perhaps next newsletter they will share pictures and details!

This team is also preparing for it’s 2nd annual Run, Waddle, Wag event in October! 

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