Kansas State Animal Response Team Newsletter
Second Quarter - 2013


Hello everyone!  Happy summer to you!  It was a very busy spring in the disaster world. the animals in the family category, as so many animals were injured or lost during the May storms.  I'm very proud of the team members that sacrificed their free time to help American Humane shelter animals in Oklahoma.  We weren't asked to provide a large amount of support, but those that went made a valuable contribution.  
I received many inquiries as to our deployment status during those many days of storms.  As I've said before, we don't deploy unless we are asked to by Emergency Management.  In this case, we were asked to provide support to the team that was tasked by Emergency Management.  We were not deployed as KS SART, only as individual volunteers to help the main group in charge.  I've seen many groups on facebook raising money and items to send to Oklahoma.  Or, possibly even worse yet, I've seen groups self-deploy to the disaster site.  Please know that this only complicates the response and it's not helping anyone.  Unsolicited donations or help only become a disaster within a disaster and we will have no part in that sort of activity.  
I am proud of all of you for representing Kansas so well.  I feel very confident that when (not if) we are deployed to help our neighbors in Kansas, we will do so with professionalism and a high level of knowledge.  Please join us for the Kansas Preparedness Conference if you'd like to gain some of the knowledge needed to be part of our team!!
Christen L. Skaer, DVM
President, KS State Animal Response Team




KS SART organized a small deployment of 11 animal response team volunteers from Kansas, who were sent down to our neighbors in Oklahoma to assist with sheltering at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds in Norman, Oklahoma.  The request came through Code 3 Associates and the Kansas animal response team volunteers, from Harvey, Johnson and Sedgwick CARTs, connected with a deployment team from American Humane Association.  The team deployed in three overlapping waves, offering support from Saturday, May 25 through Sunday, June 2, 2013.   This shelter was responsible for the care of approximately 85 animals and the management of an amazing volume of donations.    The team plans to hold an after-action review in the next few weeks.


Yes, the conference is almost here!  The Kansas Preparedness Summit is Friday and Saturday, July 26-27, 2013.  This is a collaborative effort between MRC, Citizen Corps, KDEM, KS SART and VOAD. 

You must register for the conference at ks.train.org, course id 1043081 and for Psychological First Aid, course id 1044566.  

Registration through KS SART is required for Human First Aid and the "NO Disaster Here" animal shelter workshop.  

No other sessions require pre-registration!

Thanks to the volunteers who completed the survey inquiring about session topics.  The sessions this year are based on YOUR feedback. Click here to see full schedule details.

We are thrilled to bring you an exciting new conference option this year, a 6 hour hands-on shelter management workshop lead by Julie Castaneda:

"No Disaster Here":  After a catastrophic event hits a community, neighborhoods can appear like war zones. Just because it's a disaster out there doesn't mean it has to be a disaster in the temporary emergency animal shelter.  In fact, the opposite is true.  A well run emergency animal shelter should be a calm, quiet and well organized.  Volunteering there should be a rewarding and memorable experience.

This Hands-On course gives participants real life, practical experience on planning, setting up, working in and managing a temporary emergency animal shelter.   By the end of the workshop participants will have a practical knowledge of an organized design and setup of a temporary emergency animal shelter, types of emergency shelters for animals, meeting the animals’ needs, logistics, sanitation, transport, human resources, volunteer health and safety, administrative issues, media/public relations, and closing the shelter!

“NO Disaster Here”, will be held 9:30am-4:30pm Friday, July 26 at the Wichita Kennel Club, 3448 N Emporia.  Remember, please register for this full day workshop.  It is not included in your conference registration! 

A mixer is scheduled for Friday evening in the hotel lounge from 7pm-9pm.  Take a minute to stop by and visit with your fellow animal response team volunteers!  

There will also be a team leader breakfast Saturday from 7:15am-8:45am in the Multi-media Room.


The South Central Regional ART is working hard to prepare for their first regional exercise!  The exercise is scheduled for Saturday, October 19 from 1pm-5pm in El Dorado, Kansas.   The goal is to conduct an exercise for practice, training purposes, and networking among all the CART and regional ART volunteers in that region.   

Don't forget, all regional teams are encouraged to conduct some type of regional exercise this year.  If you are find this task challenging, check out the breakout session "How To Plan & Execute Exercises" at the Kansas Preparedness Summit in July.  

The Butler County Animal Response Team (BuCART) held a "Fill the Trailer" fundraiser Saturday, June 1 in
El Dorado.   With the permission of
Wal-Mart, the team parked their CAMET in front of the store, handed out information to shoppers and asked them to pick up an item or two on their wish list as they shopped. Donations of supplies and some monetary donations were received.  Through partnership with Butler County Emergency Management (EMA) in February of this year EMA donated this CAMET to BuCART to store equipment and supplies needed during disasters.  The event helped to begin stocking the trailer with needed supplies.

Website for BuCART on the county emergency management website, great idea!  YES, their county emergency management created a page just for the BuCART on the county website.  Click here to see it!  Maybe your county emergency management can do the same for your team?


Remember to share your teams' challenges, ideas and accomplishments.  This space is for you, so please send updates to Kelly Benton.  The 3rd quarter newsletter will go out in September and the final, 4th quarter newsletter in December.

The picture is Susie Hill, a Kansas volunteer working at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds Temporary Animal Shelter in Norman, Oklahoma.  Thanks to the volunteers who deployed;  Erica Davis, Susie Hill, Hallie Pals, Geri Watts, Tammy Ritchie, Carolyn Shultz, Matt Kuestersteffen, Michelle Radar, Christy Million, Jodi Tronsgard, Kelly Benton.  Also, thanks to all of you who were on stand-by, ready to go out if more help was requested.  

Volunteers for the Oklahoma deployment were contacted using the volunteer database, so please take time to fill out your regional volunteer form and get your completed training certificates to your regional database administrator.  Then the next time the need arises, your volunteer record will be up-to-date.  Only trained disaster responder volunteers are eligible for deployment, and training status is tracked in the volunteer database.  If you have any questions please contact your team lead or Kelly Benton.
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