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July/Aug 2016

Registration Opens late August - ONLY $60

Planning for the 2016 Kansas Animal Preparedness Exercise is well under way!  People from across Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Florida and Louisiana are coming together to make this weekend workshop an incredible hands-on experience for Kansas Animal Response Team Volunteers!  You DO NOT want to miss this opportunity!!  Mark your calendar NOW!  Your $60 registration fee will include meals, lodging, a full day of hands-on training and a half day functional exercise with some fun evening activities added in for good measure!

ALL animal response team volunteers are invited and encouraged to attend this exercise, whether you have completed your CORE training requirements and are eligibile to respond in a disaster or still working on your CORE training requirements.  This weekend workshop is a great opportunity to receive hands-on training and get a glimpse of what to expect in a disaster response!

New Training Program

A group of volunteers from the South Central Regional Animal Response Team came up with an idea and developed it into a weekend training program called "Train Today Respond Tomorrow".  The pilot program was offered in Wichita on July 23-24, 2016.  This program combined the CORE courses into one weekend training event, pictures were taken for responder badges and uniform t-shirts were issued.  The result, 42 NEW trained South Central Regional Animal Response volunteers!  THANK YOU to Jennifer Burns, Shelley Bonnell, Carolyn Shultz, Geri Watts, Christy Million, Catherine Janzen, Janell Jessup, Carolyn Jergenson and Amber Bowlby.  

How can your region offer this program?  One of the above mentioned volunteers will reach out to your region in the next 60 days to set up a meeting in November.  At the meeting someone from this group will present the program details, answer questions and help you plan for this program in your region.  The goal is to offer this "weekend boot camp" in every region on March 3-4, 2017!  KS SART is working to find grant funding that will help cover the program costs in each region.  

The Regional Project in Action

Recently there have been some great volunteer project meetings with enthusiasm and support for continuing to build regional teams!  Did you know that emergency managers are also working together regionally to build response capabilities and capacity?  Want to have a project meeting in your region and add to this conversation?  Your input is important so please send an email to to get one set up soon!  

On Saturday, June 25th the SE team met in Fredonia with 6 counties represented!  This group proposed an organizational structure for a team leadership approach to regionalization so responsibilities can be shared and every county has a voice.  This group took the next step for their region, selecting several county liaisons, the regional liaison and regional DBA.  Tami Johnson, the SE Regional Liaison, is helping test a new communications tool for regional and state use that should help facilitate sharing information at a functional level.  Thank you to Emma Crites, Sally Imhof, Angela and Ivy Gatton, Tami Johnson, Karen Rushmore, Leann Moore and Tina Potocnik for taking time to meet!

On Saturday, July 16th the NE team met in Topeka with 5 counties represented!  This group supported the regional team leadership org chart and offered several great suggestions to enhance it.  This team selected their regional DBA, training  and volunteer coordinator roles, as well as some of the county liaison roles.  The NE regional team is looking to fill the regional liaison role so if you are interested please email!   Julie Castenada has offered to mentor the regional liaison for the first year to provide guidance and share her experience. The team is also working on a campaign to help volunteers, emergency managers and other response agencies understand the benefits of the regional concept.  Thank you to Mary Prewitt, George Sears, Midge and Mark Grinstead, Julie Castenada, Renee Hibma, and Stephanie McCall for taking time to meet!

Click here to see the proposed regional team leadership org chart.   If you are interested in any of these roles within your region, please email  

The KC Metro regional team has stepped up to support their neighbors in Missouri and will be participating in a New Madrid Fault exercise that Missouri is hosting in the KC area on August 24, 2016.  If you are interested in attending as an observer please contact Sherry Oswald at to get signed up!  Look for updates in the Sept/Oct newsletter on lessons learned from this collaborative effort.
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